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My Stretchmarks

I’ve always embraced stretch marks around the biceps/triceps chest and lats like a trophy i always enjoyed knowing that i was definitely making progress so i never really worried about it.

over the past 9 months my arms have grown about 3/4 of an inch (im at 18 3/4 cold) and i have strechmarks going all the way from the top of my biceps going all the way down until about 2-3 inches away from where my arm bends and im starting to wonder what this is all going to look like when im older, or if i cut will my skin still shrink where i have stretch marks or is the skin permanently stretched so that if i lose any size ill have baggy skin.

anybody know any retired older bodybuilders or people that used to be big and have stretchmarks that have gotten smaller over the years?

I have similar stretchmarks on both arms. Funny thing is they just came out of no where. My arms are just under 17’ cold. I think they become less noticeable the longer you have them.

In regard to extra skin, it kind of depends on how dramatic the change is, the health of the skin, and how big the person was.

My arms are 15.25 inches flexed and I just recently got them. I hate the way they look.

My dad still has them after not really working out for a looong time. But its much less noticable.

Stretch marks fade from the bright pink color with time, and with regards to your question about skin when you’re older:

Skin loses elasticity as you age, your skin will generally fit you like a glove while you’re young but it doesn’t always do it. So yes, if you shrank your stretch marks would probably shrink a little bit, but not significantly.

How much fat do you have in your arms?? If/when you diet, there should not be such a significant loss that you’ll have saggy arms.

Stretch marks fade over time. It’s really not a big deal and part of the lifestyle.