My Strength Routine

Im new to T-Nation and thought i would post my routine. Im 16yo, 5’8 and about 160lbs on a full stomach, probably like 21% bf. I’ve been into the big 3 lifts for close to a year now. My max dead is 420, my squat is 300 and my Bench is 220… please critique my routine…ps all reps range from 2-5

Sunday -Legs

Squats x6
Front Squats x5
Hack Squats x2
Toe Raises x3

Monday -Pull #1

Chinups x4
Pullups x4
One Arm DB Rows x4
T-Bar x3
Rope Hammer Curls x2

Wednesday -Push #1

Flat Bench x3
Close Grip Bench x1
Incline Bench x3
Decline Bench x3
French press x3
Pec Dec x2

Thursday -Pull #2

Deadlifts x3
Sumo Deadlifts x2
Chinups x4
Wide grip Pullups x2
Alternating DB Upright rows x3
Good Mornings x2

Saturday -Push #2

Flat Bench x2
Incline Bench x3
Dips x3
Front Dips x2
Weighted Pushups x3

Looks good on paper :)and it has obviously worked for you.

When you say, for instance, Squats x6 and that reps go 2-5, what exactly do you mean?

Do you work up to heavy double by gradually increasing weights, while decreasing number of reps, over 6 sets?
(for instance: 135x5, 175x5, 225x4, 250x3, 275x2, 285x2)

OR, do you count only work sets, and do 6 sets with a weight, so that you make 5 reps on 1st set, but just 2 on the last one?

Just curious.

When he says "ps all reps range from 2-5, I think he means that whatever exerise you see…example Squat x 6…He does 2-5 reps for that many sets. So the number infront of the exercise is the number of sets, and the reps for the sets range from 2-5.
This is just my guess.