My Strength-Only Cycle


I was hoping for advice on my cycle. I’m designing a four week cycle with the only goal to gain strength. I would rather lose weight than gain weight on this cycle. I will be dieting hard. Staying the same weight and gaining strength and power would be ideal. I’m a competitive athlete who doesn’t want to get too shut down which is why I planned only four weeks.

Here it is:

Tren Ace: 375 mg/week
Test Prop: 125 mg/week
Masteron: 125 mg/week

Proviron: 25-50mg daily (not sure on amount)
Anavar: 35 mg daily

What do you guys think?

I originally planned on doing only the Tren/Var… The Test and Proviron are mainly to mitigate the negative effects of the Tren.

Thank you.

im pretty sure 4 weeks non stop, even if its only a short ester will shut down your HPTA no matter.

Do you have a plannd PCT? what is it if you do? (assuming you do get shut down, cause you have to plan for that no matter)

This cycle will shut you down, I personally run Test P a week after stopping Tren A just to be safe. What is your cycle history? Why is your masteron so low? I have never ran Tren that much above test, so I wont comment on that.

Thanks for the replies,

Yes I have a planned PCT: Nolva and HCG.

My cycle history is about 5 cycles.

4 of them have been 12 weeks of Test, Test/Dbol, Test/Tren/Eq, Test/Var/Eq/Dbol.

I have tried a short cycle of Prop/Tren/Mast and enjoyed it much more. However I still gained too much weight on the 6 week version of this.

That’s why I originally intended to do just Tren/Var. I only included test because so many have insisted that even four weeks of tren only will be hell. I am still considering the tren only but want all opinions. The masteron is low because I am buying a blend Test/Mast Prop. Thus I can only do as much Mast as Test…

Thanks so far.

hCG should not be used in PCT since it impairs recovery.