My Story

Well, I just need to say it to someone. It all started last year in december… I have allways been well build and spent my life in sports (baskteball). In my mind I was allways the winner and if someone says that im weak or something I would try to chalange him…

Needles to say that I have a mind of my own, and allways been a good friend and a shoulder to cry and a womenizer…Yeah, I love the ladies!!

Well the story starts when all of my friends started to go to the gym in december 2004. I was preocupied at the time with the collage and needed some time to find my shit and start my life after high school. Basicly all of my friend are younger than me. One year or so…

Well I started in january 2005 and all of my friends were so into bb and shit… Well I was silent… When they glanced in front of the mirror I just kept my mouth shut and sat there in silence… They would allways show their one month pump and brag about it… I just standed there in silece and waited in silence…

Well things got little more complicated. I began to read more, and found this CRAZY place and hooked up with some guys with experiance… The training wasn’t really a problem… Weather it’s raining or snowing or any shit going on I would be in the gym doing my AGVT and drinking my new PWM mix and eating my chicken breasts at home…

Months passed and my will was even stronger. I became sort of in love with my body, still am… Not MY body, but the human body in general… The bb was like a drug and the first motiv of just losing my bf% started to evolve and evolve…

Not that I have much experiance or so, but in the last 9 months or so I’ve really made some great progress. Maybe not spectacular but my body really developed (You can see the diference now and then) but the more important progress happend in my will power…

Offcoure all of my friends lost their will after 3 months or so. So, now my true problem really starts…

At first my friends would laugt at me when they would go out and I would be at the gym doing my last series of deadlift. And they would laugh when I left the bar and go home to eat…And they would lough when they was a grill party and I would eat only chicken breasts and no sausages… And laugh behing my back and say that I’m stupid and I would never acomplish anything…

Well they are not laughing now…Are THEY?

The only thing they doing now is talk behind my back and say that I’m in love with my self and that they hate the fact that I can pick up more chicks then they can…

They hate the fact that I’ve done something that they couldn’t and the fact that now the silent guy in the corner became the man under the light and the guy that would keep his mouth shut when they showed him the miserable traing pump now speaks…Well they don’t loug now, especially if I, O DEAR GOD, wear a sleevless shirt… NOOOO, it’s a sin when I’m near my “friends”…

Now I see the reall human nature… The nature of envy and the fact that the people can’t stand if someone is “better” then they are…

Well guys, hate to be a party poop but what the hell is your problem… If I’m trying to better my selfe and willing to sacrifice some stuff, that doesn’t mean that you can be bitch about it…You can do it too, all you need is a bit of willpower and a some information…

I’m still good with my friends and will be in the future I hope, but I’m wondering will they be talking more and more behind my back. Well not that I don’t care, I really do, but maybe I dont need friends that hate you fore the thing you became…

Well I dont know why I’m writeing this, maybe becouse it’s saturday night(or sunnday morning) and I’m still drunk but what the hell…

Only thing I have to say at the end is: “I BOW TO NO MAN”


Dude, these are your friends? Sound like a bunch of girls, talking behind your back and being all jealous and shit.

The nature of the beast I’m afraid. One thing that I always hated was that some people need to try and bring others down to make themselves look/feel better. I always get from my friends “man can that shirt be any smaller?”

It’s just funny now because it normally comes right after a female in the room pays me a compliment. Should I say “Hey its an XL and you had nothing to say when I wore it last year?” All you got to realize is yea, they probably are jealous of your success. But hey maybe that and some pushing from you will help motivate them to try it too and that is good for everyone. Best of luck

Confront them. Tell them they’re fuckers. If they want to say something to say it to your face - if they’re not 12 year old girls, that is.

If the’re still dipshits, they’re not your friends, and forget about em.

Fuck those losers!!!

Keep the dedication strong and find some worthy friends.

It’s not always that easy. Ever since I started taking care of myself, persuing my goals, stopped drinking and abstaining from the “crazy college lifestyle,” I’ve felt, well, kinda like this poster has felt. Even my family still doesn’t understand it. I’m frequently insulted and poked fun at for my dedication.

I lost a girlfriend because of my lifestyle choices. I’ve lost many friends because of my lifestyle choices. And even those who I do call friends, there still seems to be an undercurrent of jealousy, resentment… something I can’t quite understand. I’ve never imposed my lifestyle choices on anyone. I’ve never boasted about it.

I wish I had an answer for you, but I haven’t found the answer myself. Unfortunately, my social network is based around my house and my room-mates. I think once I start working and move out, things will pick up for me. Best of luck!

These “friends” of yours will act this way no matter what your acheivement. It just happens to be because of your body.
Find people who are bettering themselves. They won’t be jealous because you’re all doing the same thing.

Thanks guys!
Well, the good thing is that I have two freinds that don’t give shit about my wourkout and that kinda suits me… One is actually supportive…
I do need to stick to these ones…

About to other loosers, well, who needs them! The majority of people will never undertand and the majority of people still think that weight lifters are big guys with small brains and massive egos, and only doing it to get the chicks… Well they right about one thing, BIG !!!
So long puny suckers, good luck in eating your last donut!!!

aaahhhh envy,

the most honest compliment there is…

Referencing profound wisdom from another thread:

Having ‘friends’ that hold you back is like shitting in your own skillet…

Society has no discipline. Just take a look outside the window and you’ll see a take-no-responsibility whining, pussy-whipped group of fuckwits that have lost all sense of self respect.

Any man who shows an ounce of committment is seen as obsessive. In the eyes of the societal group, he is seen as abnormal. In the eyes of the individuals that makes up that groups however, he is envied for his grit, determintation and gains.

Who want to be normal in a society that belittles determination? There has/is/always will be an attitude of insulting someone’s gains in order to diminish their worth.

These people are not friends. Leave them now. They are not worth your time or heartache.

Same thing with me. I started a new job a month ago. I ate a little junk on top of a healthy lunch at one pot luck, but otherwise have kept my diet very clean.

One person in particular I work with is a female, about 30 pounds overweight, who would “kill” to have so and so’s body, but snacks on junkfood all day. She often offers food to me, which I will say “No Thank You” to. Only if I feel as if I’m being prodded, I will offer a reason, such as “I ate some junk last week anyway.” “I’m trying to get a sixpack by November.” This somehow gets me a very subtle use of words implying I’m a jerk for not “participating” in whatever junkfood theme they all want to eat that day.

Everyone else leaves me alone, but a few, who spend their breaks driving down the block to buy fastfood for $6 every day, complain about their cost of living, or that they’re not getting paid enough. shrugs

And when they found out I go to the gym 3 days a week, it was treated like some sort of amazing feat of determination, with many “wishing” they could go to the gym too.

[quote]Mikazuki wrote:
“wishing” they could go to the gym too.[/quote]

Just tell 'em to click their heels together 3 times, while saying, ‘There’s no place like the gym, There’s no place like the gym’ and POOF, they’ll be there.

|/ 3Toes

I think everyone who has made a major change in their life goes through what you are. It takes guts to look yourself honestly in the mirror and tell yourself change is necessary even if you have to go against the grain. You should be proud of that. The most successful people throughout history did it at some point.

I consider myself a very loyal person so it was hard to let go of a few people I thought were friends. After a while, I realized they weren’t my friends anyway.

Friends shouldn’t be there just to kick it with, they should support you. If they don’t, stay away from them.

[quote]cap’nsalty wrote:
Dude, these are your friends? Sound like a bunch of girls, talking behind your back and being all jealous and shit.[/quote]


[quote]cap’nsalty wrote:
Dude, these are your friends? Sound like a bunch of girls, talking behind your back and being all jealous and shit.[/quote]

Second this. These dickheads are not your friends. People at T-Nation are your friends. Keep it up man.

Geek boy