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Hey everyone my names Jeremy and I’m going to be a sophmore in highschool pretty soon. In freshman year i played for the HS baseball team untill an injury (torn laberum or fractured growth plate) cause me to miss half the season. This also caused me to not be able to workout either for months( i was doing westside for skinny bastards III). The doctors couldn’t find out what it was and i sill have a little pain but fuck it im not gonna sit here forever.

After watching UFC for years i’ve grown an interest towards wrestling and was wondering if anyone knew some good training programs or if you guys have any tips or advice about wrestling.

Height- “6’1”
Weight- 142 lbs
Age- 15

All help appreciated

Hey i’m fourteen and i don’t wrestle myself but i have a friend whose whole life is basically wrestling and he is one of the top five in the state. But through being friends with him ive learned that if u really want something, u need to work your ass off and really love it. He’s always wrestling he goes to leagues and clubs and practices almost every day. So if you want it find some friends who can wrestle, get them to teach u the basics and take it from there i suppose.

Join your HS wrestling team. They should teach you how to wrestle.

Post in the ‘combat sports’ forum for tips on wrestling. My guess is that they’ll tell you really basic stuff- training for wrestling requires more skills-practice and conditioning than lifting, and that you have to make an effort to stay the same weight. But post anyways, because they probably know more than I do.

Good luck.

^Everything he said. Practicing wrestling often is what makes you a good wrestler. Strength training and interval training will help but its to enhance your wrestling actually practicing wrestling is what will make you good especially a beginner, look at Waterburys, Jason Ferrugias, and Defrancos stuff they all train lots of wrestlers/mma.

Jump rope and wrestle. Can’t get more sport specific than your sport, amiright?

6"1, 142?

Your wrestling nickname will be “Pretzel”.