My Stop F-ing Around New Year's Resolution

Background: 22, Been “lifting” for about 3 years, but very irregularly, one week I’d lift, next I wouldn’t, etc. When I did lift, it was mostly DB Bench, curls, and maybe some triceps work. I never did back or legs or shoulders.

Last year at college, which was my junior year, I finally started doing shoulder and back lifts and progressed acceptably well in them. When I started lifting 3 years ago my stats were:
6’0 160 lbs Squat 225x1 DL ? Bench 155x1
After somewhat focusing on actually working out since I worked out with my roommate, at start of last summer I was at:
6’0 190 lbs Bench 285 Squat 335 DL 410x2 Rack pulls 2 inches below knees 495x5 Military Press
155 x 3 Rack pulls have always come easy, I did 495x5 after about 6 weeks from starting and went from 225X3 to 410x2 on DL in about 3 months. My back has always felt relatively strong, but since my legs are weak, getting the weight off the ground is the challenge, I’ve never missed after getting it off the floor.

After my roommate graduated I stopped working out and taking creatine for a semester got fat(ter) and now am at 265x1 bench, 315x3 DL and who knows squat. My plan is to finally get down to business and lift and eat seriously this year, and so far it has gone well, I’m becoming leaner and have exercised at least 4 days a week since Jan 1. Right now I’m doing Monday Chest and Triceps, Tuesday Back and Core work, Wednesday Plyometrics and calves, Thursday Shoulders and Biceps, Friday Legs and Core Work.

Goals by end of summer: Bench 315(30 more than my previous pr, unrealistic but oh well)
Squat 405 (70 more than pr but since I have squatted about 15 times in my life maybe I’ll get that beginner’s boost)
DL 455x3 (50lbs more than pr but my DL seems to go up fast)

Lets see how it goes!

All the best man. Not always easy to make it into the gym 5 days a week when you are coming back to it, but if you never skip 2 sessions in a row you should be good. I think you’ll hit those goals if you are consistent.

I think you should keep track of the number of sessions you get each week on a calendar. Sometimes such a simple method of accountability can help.

One other thing, you may very well be an all-or-nothing type like myself. If that is the case, on a very busy day if you do not have enough time to get in the whole session just get in and do the 1 or 2 most important exercises.


Military Press 115 x 9, 7, 5 This is down from the same reps with 135 last semester.
DB Military Press 50 x 8, 45 x 12 Don’t know why it was this low, Last week I used 60 and 55
Lateral Raises 20 lbs x 11, 9, 8
Front Raise with 45 lb plate 8, 6
Barbell Curl 65 lbs x 12, 70 x 10, 75 x 7
Hammer Curl 25 x 12, 10, 10
Incline Curl 20 x 10, 9, 7
Shoulder Dropset on machine, 100 lbs-50 lbs

205 gr protein

Friday 12
No workout, last night had a 13 hour shift and got off at 4 AM, since work was at 3 PM decided to skip

~200 gr protein