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My Stomach is Bloated Up!


i been noticing some horrible thing happening to me and was hoping someone could help me.

to get up to date this is my daily eating habits..

Breakfast at 9 AM:
3 whole Eggs
Amino Acids
Multi Vitamins

Lunch at 12:
Isopure Zero Carb
Amino Acids

Pre Workout Fuel Up:
NO Xplode

WHILE at the GYM
Amino Acids

Right after Workout:
Protein Bar
Amino Acids

Rice with beans

Before Going to Bed:
Protein Shake
Amino Acids

I also drink over a gallon of water a day.
And my protein shakes contain milk, oatmeal, weight gainer peanut butter, flax seed oil, banana and ice.

i'm doing a cycle of deca, enantest and methanabol.

my problem is that now my stomach has bloated its bigger than my chest. when i first did that protein shake with the weight gainer i thought it was too heavy but i paid no attention. is this because of the weight gainer in my shakes that is causing my stomach to be like that and its storing fat there? Because i'm eating too much or because of the juice?


Why the hell are you taking NO Xplode and Nitrix while you're on gear?


How quickly has this happened.

You mention both bloating and fat gain. Is it one or the other or actually both.

And what was the point of posting your diet if you weren't going to at least post the total calories along with some of your stats, your cycle outline, and your age.


I'm saying troll. And if not, dude your diet isn't primed for growth. On average we all eat 2x-4x the amount of eggs you eat for breakfast.


Your taking creatine and NO-xplode AND Nitrix multiple times per day...

Your taking 2 creatine products and 2 N.O. products and your taking the nixtrix stuff twice a day.

Of course you puffed up like a fucking balloon.

Regular monohydrate makes me puffy, your taking ridiculous shit.


Use creatine and whatever other rip-off product off cycle, it wont feel like much after a test, deca and dbol cycle anyway.

I'd say you are eating too much fat and sugar.

Yer gett'n fat momma!


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It's just water from your supplaments,gear or both. If it's bothering you, cut out the sups and do some adex or 'zole(just made that up, does it sound cool?) and I bet it'll go away.


call me fucking stupid but i wanted to gain as much weight and muscle as i wanted on top with it.

I have already decided to cut off the creatine and weight gainer. should i stop with the NO and Nitrix also? and only stay with the amino acids, multi vitamins and regular whey protein?

it happened in about 2 weeks. my stomach just bloated the fuck up. how can i get rid of this now? a lot of cardio? or just keep on lifting and doing ab exercise?


if it happened in 2 weeks, it is most likely just water retention. Use some adex, cut some carbs if you feel necessary, stop all the other water retaining supplements (I'd keep NO though, great, cheap stimulant IMO) and it should go away as fast as it came.


Yeah, i agree.. its too fast to be fat... or at least all fat.


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I didnt even notice that he didnt say he was using an AI.

Start dosing an AI immediatly, and drop the creatine.

You can still take your No xplode if you wish simply for the Preworkout caffine, but it shouldent be necessary or even helpful.

You should be so pumped from simple androgens that an NO product should be detrimental to you working out.


Keep the Weight gainer and the protien.
Dont bother with the rest!


AI... what the AI?


you would think NO would be beneficial in combination with the gear, blood/oxygen delivery plus a little boost in energy before the workout. I take super dump..I mean Super Pump, gets you going but doesnt make you jittery. Just make sure you stay home 30-60 minutes after taking it cause it WILL make you shit ur pants



If anything your simply inhibiting GH release. The energy boost is from caffeine, which can be bought in pill form for 5 bucks a bottle.

Because NO doesn't increase the amount of blood, many steroids do.

Steroids do what NO is SUPPOSED to do, as well as being...you know anabolic.


okay thank you for the input, do you see any harm in using ECA then? its got a shitload of caffeine, but do you see ephedra being a problem? I only take this stuff because it it pretty much doubles my workout while at the gym, not for its thermogenic effect. It also makes a little harder consuming all the food while on cycle. but besides making you feel like barfing, any negative effect while on cycle?

bare with me


AI = Aromatase Inhibitor = Anastrazole (Adex) or Letrozole (Letro) to keep E2 (estrogen) levels at low normal during cycle to prevents gyno, minimize bloat, maximise libido, and maximise free testosterone level.


oh alright. thank you. does anyone have any idea how much Adex goes for?