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My Stash - Cycle Suggestions

(1) bottle liquid MAG-10 - 12/04 expire - guess I blew that one though it has been in the fridge all this time.

4-AD-EC 3X stronger gel 240 capsules

MAG-10 Destroyer (2004 edition) 420 capsules

So - how should I cycle?

I have no other supplements other than protein right now.

you do not need to worry about the experation date it is still good beyond the experation date.as for as cycle suggestions you left out alot of info and you may need to post in a different forum because forumn is a little for a little more complex cycles.mag10 is excellent for bulking.just gi=ve some specific info and goals and experience.

I did have it in a different forum but it was moved here due to the silly laws Congress has passed.

Im trying to add a moderate amount of muscle. 6’-0" tall 172 lbs. I have a pretty clean diet, supplemented with about 120 grams of protein.

Ive been going through the New HIT program and getting decent results for my age - 37. I was using Alpha Male, ZMA and M but havent been using for awhile and have noticed a bit of a loss in motivation and steady progress.

I know I could just follow the standard cycles for each product but how much time should I leave between if any at all? Would M/Alpha Male between cycles be advisable? The new product has my interest as well but money is currently tight.

Check me bro…
Just do them in the order you listed them.
First start with the liquid MAG-10 doing a double dose ed till it runs dry, 2 weeks I believe. Then use M with Alpha Male ed for 4 weeks.(yes I say stay off longer then you are on)

Then use the 4-AD-EC as it suggest for about half the bottle. Then go back to the M/Alpha Male for atleast as long as you used the 4-AD-EC. 4-AD-EC dose not shut down your natural production hard but you are also running it between 2 MAG-10 cycles that will shut you down.

Next the other bottle of MAG-10 now that you have had tried some of it before if you felt you recovered quickly from it I say you have enough to do 2 cycles a little bit more than 2 weeks each. Use 6 caps morning and 6 caps evening ed for 18 days. Then go back the M/Alpha Male combo.

Then since you have 1 cycle of the 4-AD-EC left and 1 cycle of the MAG-10 do what you like with them. Either freeze them for a latter date or just pick your pleasure and go back on one.

What I set up for you here has you set for quite some time and you should be able to accomplish any goals you have set for yourself with 2 cycles to spare as long as your Diet, Training, and Rest are in order.
Give some feed back or see if anyone else has some ideas for you.