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My stack, what do you think?

This is my cycle which i plan on taking as soon as my shit comes in, how does it look:

40 mg/day - dbol (7 weeks)
300mg/5 days - deca (10 injections)

followed by Clomid
100mg for 5 days - 50mg for 5 days

I currently weigh approx 200lbs, so i am pretty sure i should be taking 400mg of deca per week, but my supplier gets it in 300mg/ml, so I chose to break it up that way (every 5 days). (Thats strong enough, yet safe enough to prevent ‘deca dick’ right?)

The cycle of deca will last 45 days from start to finish, so when should i start that in respect to starting the dbol?

When should i start the 10 day cycle of clomid with respect to the dbol?

Any help is appreciated… Thanks guys

do a quick search on this site and youll see what most people around here think of deca.

I’m also considering 300mg/wk of equipoise for 8 weeks instead of the deca, like everyone else here would probably recommend.

Hows that cycle look? Is the clomid worked in correctly

JFred, check out the thread: “1st cycle”. you’ll find that we already went through the subject of clomid there.
In regards to your cycle. You will want to increase your dosage of equipoise if that is what you choose to take. Also research frontloading, and research use of ancillaries like arimidex, nolvodex, or clomid for combating estrogeon, as both dbol and equipoise are aromatizing steroids. Oh and look up the term “aroamatizing” if you do not know what this means either. And finally get a good grasp of drug half lives, and how this applies to your cycle. When you have finished, re post and I am sure the guys on this site will be a little more willing to help you out

Raise deca to 600mg/wk, throw in 750mg, 500mg minimum of test,drop deca 1 week before dropping test, begin clomid 2weeks after last test injection and continue for a total of 3-4 weeks. I’ve had great results from deca. I think it is just one of those steroids that affect people totally differently. You can’t just listen to what everyone says, you have to try things on yourself. If I would have just listened to what everyone told me a yr ago I would have never realized how DNP makes clen/cytomel look like an absolute joke. And I’m healthy as ever.

wow dnp and your not afraid of the organ damage it causes along with the fact that its an ingredient in pesticides…

any test at 500mgs/wk, eq at 500mgs/wk front both at 1g. both for 8 weeks. dbol weeks 1-6 at 30-40mgs/ed. adex throughout at .5mgs/eod. clomid post on a 300/100/50 protocol.

The whole “pesticide” thing totally throws people off. Scientists did clinical studies using DNP on PEOPLE as a weight-loss agent. That right there tells me a lot. They determined it to be too dangerous ONLY because of it’s toxicity at high doses. Basically it’s safe if you know what you’re doing but dangerous if you don’t. If this sounds familiar it’s because it’s very much the same way steroids are viewed by much of the medical community. I’ve done quite a bit of DNP and I find it to be safer than playing with your thyroid using t-3, and far more effective.

Also, Organ damage does not happen from safe DNP use. Organ damage is possible but it happens only because of hyperthermia. Your core body temp raises too high. This is only possible if you take 3 times what you should take…Take the right amount, your body doesn’t overheat, you stay healthy and the end result is a far leaner physique. I’ve read about edema from DNP but after 10 days on it my abs are NICE and I’m just plain cut. Seems like it counters water retention to me. If I could I would create my own commercial for the stuff. I should change my handle to DNP-freak.

This may be a newbie question, but shouldn't there be some arimedex added through out, or even run the clomid through the cycle, with nolvadex on hand (just in case).