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My Stack. Opinions?


Hi, I am trying to lean out a little with help of some supplements. Right now I use

fish oil (Orange OxiMega )
green tea extract (NOW )
multi vitamins (Orange Triad)
whey isolate (Dymatize Elite Fusion)
creatine (green mag)
bcaa (xtend)
pre workout booster(jack3d)

I also heard good things about animal cuts and was wondering if that would help with fat loss. Is it good just to add it to the stack or remove something?

Right now I work out 6-7 days a week, following the PHD 4 program but not doing the 5/3/1, just doing 5 reps each time.

Power Day
Incline Bench Press 5/3/1 1RM
Deadlift 5/3/1 1RM

Accessory Exercises Sets Reps
Chest Accessory 4-8 6-10
Back Accessory 4-8 6-10
Bicep Accessory 4 6-10
Tricep Accessory 4 6-10

Power Day
Squat 5/3/1 1RM
Military Press 5/3/1 1RM

Accessory Exercises Sets Reps
Hamstring Accessory 4 6-10
Quads Accessory 4 6-10
Calf Accessory 4-8 6-12
Shoulder Accessory 4-8 6-10

Hyper Day - Chest & Arms
Exercise Sets Reps
Speed Bench Press (Dynamic Effort) - 60% 8 3
Chest Accessory 6-8 8-12
Bicep Accessory 4-6 8-12
Tricep Accessory 4-6 8-12

Hyper Day - Back & Shoulders
Exercise Sets Reps
Speed Deadlift (Dynamic Effort) - 60% 6 1
Back Accessory 6-10 8-12
Shoulder Accessory 6-8 8-12

Hyper Day - Legs
Exercise Sets Reps
Speed Squats (Dynamic Effort) - 60% 10 2
Quads Accessory 6-8 8-12
Hamstring Accessory 6-8 8-12
Calf Accessory 3-5 8-15

My diet is about 80% in check, dont feel like typing it out.
Any help is appreciated.


How long have you been doing this and are you happy with the results?


I have been using creatine, whey and pwo for about 2 months and the rest about 2 weeks. I am geting leaner, abs show but still want to drop bf more.


You should definitely be taking D3; I'd recommend leucine for cutting as well.


What real foods are you eating?


What supp company makes this "Real Foods" ??


Thanks for the replies. I am going to the states this weekend and will pick up some d3 and maybe some other supplements because its a lot cheaper over there. I eat lots of chicken, steak, turkey, some veggies, oatmeal, rice and all the other good stuff.


just a personal opinion i want to insert about your multi selection. i know that the orange triad is near the $50 range, see if you can get your hands on gaspari's Anavite. its about 15 bucks cheaper and doubles as a beta alanine as well (plus a little l-carnitine)


Actually I paid 28 for them but I will look into gaspari's one. Thanks for the info


any time