My SST Version for the Next Cycle

just got done with 6 weeks of triumvirate (with extra neck work lol) after 2 months of starting strength and over half a year of being injured. having had awesome progress, now im thinking of what to do after the deload, came up with this and just wanted to check if it looks good: (Also, when does the forever 531 ebook come out?)

Press 531 PR
CG Bench SST
Rope Chins 50
T Bar semi upright row 3x10-20
Curls/Rear delts 3-5 x 10-20

Deadlift 531 PR
Frontsquat SST
Leg Curls 3x10-20
Back raise 3x
ab wheel 3x

Bench 531 PR
Incline SST
Chins 5x8-10
CS Row 3x12
Facepulls/Pushdowns 100

Power Clean 531 PR
Squat 531 PR
KB Swing 100
HLR 5x max

or should i just go with 5s PRO on the main for the next cycle and BBB or Bodybuilding for assistance?