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My SS Progress Again


Another starting strength thread I know, but I've got to prove I've not bailed and I'm moving forward!

I came to another "is starting strength really all that" moment the other training session, after missing more sets then ever and generally feeling like shit, case in point, I ended up weighing myself later that day, wearing shorts and t-shirt I came out as 173.. I was shocked, even after the toilet and no clothes i was above 170! Above 170 for me is a huge milestone.. I'm finally above the "160 pound skinny guy" stereotype.

So it all sounds good, but I have some problems/questions.

-More missed reps, best example is my 5RM squat which is 107kg for the first set and I even feel like slightly more would be possible, but my second set even after 2 1/2 minutes rest has been like 2/3 reps, and my third set worse still if I don't take any weight off. As always I persist with using near maximal weights, think the most i have completely 3x5 at fully though is 104kg, so I'm going to try 106kg next session

-I have a cut on my finger so i didnt want to put it under too much pressure with a full set of heavy deadlifts, instead I opted for the obviously far less stupid option of trying a 1RM in it that session... 140kg went up okay and I think there's at least 145kg in me in terms of 1RM, going to try 138kg next session for 5.

-Bench update: tried rack presses due to no spotter, seem like a decent alternative and definitely better then doing shitty form bench press I think.

-Arm training. My arms are behind the rest of my body in terms of size and at just 13" if there is anything i can add which will definitely help i want to know about it.

Now the fun part, form checks!

Squat warmup (right back position?)

107kg Squats (I know my elbows are still flared out, corrected it since I think, but besides that)

Deadlifts (no longer touch and go)

140kg deadlift

Thanks to anyone who has the patience to read this! Included a progress picture too.


Squat warmup: good back position

107kg squat: neck hyperextension (not good…), and you kinda did a good morning on last reps (hips come up too fast); control your way down;

Deadlift: neck hyperextension and rounded back;

140kg deadlift: same as above, but to a lesser degree.

Follow Rippetoe’s strategies in case of plateaus, and be shure to eat and sleep enough.


interesting post would read again


Try adding in some curls and pull downs once a week at the end of the week. See what that does for you.
Your arms can get big without isolation work, but many will say that it is a lot harder to do that than to simply add in arm isolation.


[quote]optheta wrote:
interesting post would read again[/quote]

I’ve got another video of my form you might like to see:

Thanks fabio: It’s basically the same again then, i’ll have to do my best to think about this every time until it’s perfect

forevernade: I probably should have made another thread about this issue really, but I would definitely say starting strength will leave your arms at the size that they don’t restrict the rest of your body, but ideally i want them to just be as big as possible obviously, currently I am just adding a couple of sets of curls+skullcrushers at the end of workouts as an experiment.


[quote]jake_j_m wrote:
optheta wrote:
interesting post would read again

I’ve got another video of my form you might like to see:

currently I am just adding a couple of sets of curls+skullcrushers at the end of workouts as an experiment.[/quote]

LOL for the link! If you have the equipement, why don’t you try dips and chin-ups on one day and curls/skullchrushers on the other?


I made some dip bars out of 2 of my older barbell’s that work fine so its definitely a possibility… i experimented last session with chin-up sets instead of power cleans or similar, even though these are great exercises i feel i might get more benifit out of chin-ups and then pull-ups for now at least, especially because it should work well for building biceps!

Considering going:

skullcrushers or maybe even dips despite the difficulty having them as 4th exercise.


Just a small tweak:

Front Squat
Chin-up 3xmax

Back Squat
Bent over row (curl grip)
Dips 3xmax

On chins and dips, add weight when you get 8-10 solid reps (which it’s likely to happen before with dips).

If you stall again on big lifts, try rep progression: get back to your previous 3x5 load and add a rep or two every WO until you get a 3x7. Increase the load and start again from 3x5. Rippetoe would call it a blasphemy, but it works :slight_smile:


Yes, what fabiop said is closer to the original bb.com Rippetoe’s FAQ progression.


[quote]forevernade wrote:
Yes, what fabiop said is closer to the original bb.com Rippetoe’s FAQ progression.[/quote]

I’m a cheater: I found a site (Wikisport or something like that) with the whole “beginner to intermediate” Rippetoe progression: Advanced Novice, Wichita Falls, etcs… :slight_smile: Here’s the link: http://startingstrength.wikia.com/wiki/After_Starting_Strength

To the OP: don’t rush into intermediate templates (like Texas Method), as you’ll get faster results on an advanced novice program (as long as you’re in a “beginner” status).