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My Squatz Up to 220kg/485lbs


From my squat session the other day. First time hitting some decent weight again (96%). If nothing goes wrong, I think I will hit a new PR soon (235-240kg or so). Here I wasn't properly recovered from previous sessions.

Any comments welcome. So tell me how fugly my form, how weak I am, how fat I am, etc.


What kind of shoes are you using? Oh and you are fat and you suck


Metal squat shoes.

They have a very thin sole ala wrestling shoes. Nice but very (too) pricey.


I'll probably never squat 446 so fuck you! Nice job though.


awesome squatting


Great squats. Nothing negative from me! Keep on doing what you're doing.


You just made a video that was almost entirely squatting, and zero "walking up to the bar, psyching myself up, adjusting my belt/wraps/penis/etc, getting under the bar, hyperventilating myself, unracking the bar, squatting, unracking, then walking back to the camera" bullshit.

You are my new favorite poster.


If you are competing. Stop at the top when you are done, as you will have to stand there until receiving the rack command. You appear to combine completion of the lift with your first step. Get into the habit of staying still after finishing the squat before you take that first step. Should not be any more difficult but getting red lighted on not following commands sucks.



Very impressive brother, great work


Thanks guys. So no form pointers?

@beef: People pointed that out to me earlier. It's a bad habit and pretty ingrained (I never feel doing it). Will have to work on it, though.


The easiest is to have someone actually give you the commands and deliberately hold you at each part of the command series.



The only form critique I would add is you really seem bent over. When I look at the crease of your hip and the bar path, the bar seems pretty ahead of the hip. This leads to you almost doing a good morning. I understand different body structures will equate to different squat styles, but It seems you could work on staying more upright.


I tried it myself yesterday and it wasn't all that difficult. Works the glutes as well.


Yep, I'm very bent-over. I tried countless setup/form variations in the past and this form feels so natural and strong for me that I'm very hesitant to change anything. I'm currently pretty happy where my squat is. I hit 222.5kg / 490lbs yesterday on a not so strong day. I have a vid, but it isn't worth posting really.

I can squat modestly heavy weight in a more upright form, though. The other week, I did a 190kg / 419lbs olympic (high-bar) squat. Here is the vid:


I noticed that your ass kind of shoots back as you're coming out of the hole through the sticking point. I think that my form looks very similar to yours (be that good or bad), but I stay more forward, which is probably putting the bar too far out in front of me and making it very difficult not to get bent in half.

Have you ever thought about that aspect of your form? It stuck out to me as something that could possibly help my squats.


I mostly do that automatically (body picks the strongest line I guess), but a cue for me is to push back out of the hole which might contribute.


The things that stuck out to me, along with what beef noticed, is your bar path. Watching the end of the bar, it looks like you are getting forward out of the hole, bringing you over your toes a bit. And then there is a bit of overcorrection on the way up.

It may be a product of the hips shooting up some out of the hole? You may just need to get tighter to get through the reversal and get all your force up through the bar. I might suggest trying to get the elbows down, more under the bar.

That being said, solid squat.


Yes, I noticed that as well. Yesterday I tried to sit back a little bit more and the bar path seemed to be a bit better.

Will give the elbows thing a shot, but in the past that never felt right.



@csulli: I found this bit on another site, which might relate to our "problem":

"A squat where the quads were very dominant would become a two-part movement ? first knee extension followed by a good morning."


Finding a way to make your bar path vertical will probably help a lot. I had the same bar path seen in your videos for a while and fixing it (making it more vertical) has made a huge difference. For me, fixing it meant a wider stance and higher bar placement.