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My Squat Video: 405 + Chains for 3x5

I’ve been working towards this PR for the past few months now. As I said in the video, a few of the reps are a touch high, but it’s more of a flexibiity issue I intend to address. Just wanted to put this out there for any observations some folks have, and any tips or tricks I could use towards my future training.

Looking good man, nice lifts.

I did notice the lack of belt/wraps/etc, that’s an impressive lift because you look to be a pretty lean guy. How long you been lifting and what are some of your stats?

I actually am wearing a 10mm belt in that video, but no wraps or suit or anything. I’m 5’9 and around 195 at the time of that video.

Edit: For how long I’ve been lifting, I’ve been active since I was 14 (I’m 22 presently), but was just a bench curler up until about my 3rd year of college, when I really started reading up and getting serious. These past 3-4 years have been where I’ve been training right.

Invisi-belt! Haha yeah I suppose you are, I see that now with a closer look the second time.

I’m no expert but the form looks real good to me. Nice and controlled on the way down and solid on the way up. If anything I’d say make it explosive on the way up, especially out of the hole, but I mean, you got all the reps up without much struggle so yeah, keep it up.

mate, congratulations on the fantastic effort!!!

Am I seeing right, that your left knee isn’t as strong as your right knee? I have that same problem…can’t do much about it hey!

Do you normally face that wall when squatting? I’d go mad that way, haha. What’s your 1RM? What would you like your 1RM to be in 6 months time ?

I can’t find much fault in your vid, cept try to go up more explosively, other than that, keep lifting heavy!

My let knee may very well be weaker, I’ll hafta pay more attention in my next session.

I normally face the wall, yeah. It actually helps keep me from being distracted. Off camera, my wife was on her elliptical watching a movie, and all the movement and noise prolly woulda driven me nuts, haha.

I’ll be testing my 1rm in the next month. It previously was 420lbs around 6-8 months or so, but I imagine it’s increased since then.

6 months from now? I’d be satisfied with anything in the 500s. Squats were my weakest lift of the big 3, with previous recorded efforts in the gym of

Squat: 420
Bench: 365
Deadlift: 540

I’ve put deadlifting on hold after a minor back injury, and focused more on my squats, so hopefully things have evened out.

Thanks for the comments.