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My Squat Sucks

Well my squat sucks. any programs tips, ANYTHING to get it better would be much appreciated

Join the club. Back Squats never felt natural to me. I switched recently to front squats and it just “feels right”. Unfortunately, I have to use some pathetic weight for it.

Do box squats for several months this will improve your form.

[quote]Pluto wrote:
Well my squat sucks. any programs tips, ANYTHING to get it better would be much appreciated[/quote]

What about mentioning what part of you squat sucks? Do you get stuck in the hole, knees cave in, pain in your lower back?

[quote]Pluto wrote:
Well my squat sucks. any programs tips, ANYTHING to get it better would be much appreciated[/quote]

if your squat sucks, I highly recommend 2 training methods.

1 ‘Progressive Movement Training’, this is when you add 10% over yoru 1RM and…i tell you what, google it & you’ll find some good info, it’s mentioned here on T-Nation somewhere

2, Smolov squat routine. It’s pretty brutal, I’m in the thick of it now & am really not looking forward to the next few weeks, yet i still go back for more? It’ll definetly help you gain strength. It’s not so much for size, but it’ll get you stronger, that’s for sure!

guess i could have been more specific ya.

its just when my knees start to get towards that 90 degree angle, i start to waiver.

and if that smolov can add 100 lbs to my squat in 13 weeks, i will take it

Ok, I’m not a powerlifter at all and have never done smolov…but ive trained with powerlifters over the years and i don;t think a beginner or intermediate can just jump into smolov squat until he’s reaosnably good at squatting (got in the groove).

ive known fellows who jumped into it without paying their dues with progressive overload for a few years and ended up getting seriously injured.

Nothing else to add…a basic 5x5 may serve you much better in the long run. What are your stats anyway?

Yeah mate, smolov has been known to add 100lb’s to peoples squat, obviously less for smaller units (such as myself). Don’t forget tho, nothin’ in life comes free. The second week is when the hard work comes into play, adding 10kg to your 70, 75, 80 & 85% lifts.

I think ya’d be better off with the progressive movement training method to bring up your squat, but by all means, give smolov a go

Just squat more.

You do know that there are dozens of articles and 100s throughout the internet that help with this.

About the knees caving in, push them out when you’re lowering the weights. And I’ve done the smolov squat cycle and I wouldn’t recommend it to you. You’re barely starting out, so keep on squatting and improving your technique.

My squat sucks, too. I find it that I need to be progressively heavier in order to add weight to my 1rm. Form is OK, nothing feels awkward, it’s just tough as hell.

When I started, I would do bodyweight squats to help me get the form down. I was told to perfect the form without weight so it would become automatic. Is it your form, or the amount of weight you move that sucks?

Something interesting I keep comming into contact with, is the lighter the squat, the harder it is. For example, squatting the bar, or the bar plus 5lbs, it would be ‘easy’ but it wouldn’t be as good as if you were to squat bodyweight, or a tad bit over.

There’s something about adding weight, that makes your entire body working in harmony together, your lower back, your legs, your chest…one big package.

So perhaps, higher weight, smaller reps? needless to say, use a power rack or squat station haha

I find performing lifts with light weight is harder also.

It’s kinda like riding a bike really slow.

Try one of the articles here and eat like crazy.

If the routine works keep it, if not try another one…

EveryBODY is different.

if i try bodyweight squats for reps these days after doing BB squats for several months my feet end up almost jumping off the ground at lockout, makes it annoying to maintain stability

the form is fine and all that is okay, just the weight. doing legs on wednesday, so i will go for my max on that day, see if it has changed any

i have an issue where i simply experience a TON of tightness at the very top of my leg, i.e. when i go down to about parallel where my leg meets my pelvis. i never had this before and it’s affecting my numbers a lot

Train your hamstrings.

Weak hamstrings will kill your squat. When I first started training hams seriously my squat shot up.

My quads and such could push big weight, but my hams were lagging severely and couldn’t hold it.

I put 50 pounds on my squat in 2 months with just dedicated hammy training.

If your having problems getting more weight on your squat check your weaknesses.

Several things come to mind whenever I read this topic. First and I am not saying you fall into this category but there are definatly people who were not built to squat. What I mean by this they have a very poor mechanical advantage.

Let’s assume you are not one of these people. I am not one of these people, squating always felt natural for me. One of the best ways for me to break through sticking points with legs was to add single leg barbell lunges every other workout.

I would do them as heavy as I could safely for a minimum of 3 sets of 10 knee staying behind toes and back knee coming very close to the ground for a good deep lunge. Beyond a lot of hard work and the occasional post workout puking, I would suggest doing some research on form and make sure yours is dialed in.