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My squat just went up 50 pounds all at once!


Because the new Rammstein CD just came out. This think jacks up Testosterone better than anything.


Damn! I should have gotton that Rammstein CD instead of the new Journey. My squat went down 50 pounds because of that!


I think that the new Dimmu Borgir does a great job with jacking up the T :smiley:


Don't think my last post worked:

The damn delivery guys didn't come in until today (day after squat day), so I'll have to wait until next week to see how it worked. Doing last phase of 12 weeks of Pain as well as still reeling after seeing them twice last month. Should be an interesing workout...


yeah even though i can't understand a word of German it still gets me revved up


Yeah, track #2 ("Links 2 3 4") totally wrecks me, I'm so full of power now. Tonight I'm going to gorge on fajitas, rest, then go destroy some iron. Oh, and good to see my pal Subhuman here! You all listen to him--he's a young T-man with a lot of skill and success.


Ya'll should try to find translations of their songs on the net...I've heard that most of them are love song-types. "Mutter" = "Mother"...oh well, saying "Hello, have a nice day" is scary in German.


I'm glad you guys like Rammstein, but I think they're horrible. I guess the noise would be pretty good, but I like to know the words to my songs.


I am in the proccess of learning German. Falco Rocks!! (although its not loud enough for workouts) BTW in case you guys never learned, "Du hast" is You have, not you hate (hate = hasst)- MTV really botched that translation.