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My Squat is Starting to Suck


My squat is my favorite lift but something bad is happening. I fly foward when I get out of the hole. It so bad and I am missing a lot of lifts because of that. I’m gonna put a link if anyone can given me advice that would be appreciated!


I see a rounded back all the way up which means your hips are tucking under big time. This is the result of weak and shortened hamstrings combined with a weak back. You need more posterior chain work. also your knees need to spread out to allow your body to get down betwen the thighs. Do arched back Good Mornings plus additional hamstring work and watch Ed Coans youtube video "how to Skwaat"with mark bell.


Am I not lossing tightness? That’s what i attributed it to.


I’m going with weak abs. Maybe do some beltless work too to get a reminder on how to squeeze and brace. More lower back work wouldn’t hurt, but I’d say it’s the abs letting you down right now.


It might be the shoes I’m using? They put me on my toes. They are heeled shoes


Were you using them when your squat felt OK?


Yes but it always threw me forward


I’d say the weight is simply fuc**** too heavy :slight_smile:

Trying to lift the bar with the back is pretty common using a tough weight, like you can’t really get it so your back takes it all.

More abs/posterior chain work may be good, and why not box squats ?
I think they are pretty good to push the floor hard on the ascent, pushing hard with the hips and quads.

Stupid cue, personnally on my big lifts I tended to do the same as you, but for a while I simply visualized the lift in my head while pushing and saying to myself “push with your legs, not with your back”


You are basically doing 440 pound good mornings. Do you really think that you need more back work? Your quads are weak. Practice keeping your elbows under the bar at lower weights and add more volume with proper technique.


I didn’t read anybody else’s reply so I apologize if this was already covered. My take on your squats is that you need to push you ass back. First thing when I train myself or others is you push your ass back FIRST. Keep your shins vertical they look like they were going forward. Open you knees up all the way down and on the way back up. You must split the floor with your feet. Drive back into the bar and stay erect.


Maybe try switching to flats. Work on maintaining upper back and lumber tightness. I always warm up with light face pulls to engage my scapulae and upper back to help this as I used to have the same issue.



Your body is basically trying to use a path with which it can produce the greatest force. Weak quads lead to the motion turning from a squat to a good morning where your posterior chain can produce force more effectively. Front squats for a fix.

That being said: you can always benefit from some core work so just do them front squats beltless.

EDIT: And of course aim to keep good posture on your front squats.