My Squat Form Sucks

Today it was my max effort lower squat day.So I decided to do low bar pause squat.This is the monstrosity I ended up with.What did I do wrong?How can I do to fix it?

to me looks like you lost Concentration,like you were not paying attention to what you were doing

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I’d venture you lost upper back tightness.

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Get tight. Everywhere. My suggestion would be to start having a list of mental cues and follow through on them every single time. Do that long enough and it’ll be ingrained. If that still doesn’t work, drop the weight and get more reps in to ingrain your motor pattern.

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What mental cues do you suggest?

Weak glutes, hamstrings and low back. That’s why your knees moved forward on the way up. Its your body’s way of protecting the weakness by placing more load on the front (knees). The cure - Good mornings down to pins, ham raises and either SDL, or RDL for high reps.

I agree 100%.Glutes especiallyhat’s why I plan on living by the hypers and reverse hypers for the upcoming months

I ain’t the most advanced(or at all) guy out there but here are some of the cues I use personally.

  1. Get my grip set and hold the bar really god damn tight.
  2. Get under the bar and pull the bar into me.
  3. Tighten my core, stand up and walk out, 2.5 steps. 2 steps to get into place, 0.5 steps to adjust.
  4. Retake my breath, don’t let all the air out, just let a bit out and get tight again.
  5. Squeeze my glutes and squat. The whole time I’m squatting, I’m trying to pull the bar down into me, seems somewhat counter productive but it’s seems to be working ok for me. I’ve heard some other guys who like to push up against the bar as they go up so just experiment.

Obviously, this isn’t a very good example cause well, I ain’t really proficient even but this seems to works for me so far.

You can checked out videos by @Alpha or even ask him questions personally.

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Is this a consistent thing for all of your low bar squats, or just because it was paused?

My squat form isn’t that good and pausing made it even worse.As of now Alpha’s videos have helped me a lot on finding some cues to focus on.So I just try to do each rep as perfect as possible in my workouts

That’s definitely a good way to start, but you said ME Low bar squat day on the video. If you’re running conjugate I think you should focus on a different program that doesn’t have that much variation and allows you to nail the technique in all of your lifts.

Vatiations don’t nessesarily have to be too far apart.I don’t plan on competing soon,so I’m not using just 1 rms.So an 1 rm,a 3 rm and a 5 rm low bar squat are 3 different variations,With a wide and a closer stance now I have 6.If I add a light band it’s 12.And let’s not forget that on speed days I unrack,walk out and squat the bar 10 + times

Ohhhh, okay. I should have asked what variations you were doing before I made the suggestions.

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I actually really enjoy conjugate and it has helped me a lot on the bench.First post here I missed the 5th rep on a 200 pound close grip and now I could probably do 3-4 reps with 220 using a close grip.So I don’t wanna change what’s worked for me in the first place

Dude that’s awesome! I was just speaking words from what I knew of the situation, you know what works for you a hell of a lot better than I do.

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Press your back hard into the bar when you’re coming out of the hole.

Other than that, I’d say youre lacking quad strength which is making your hips shoot up and back.

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Here’s a video from today (sorry for filming with a potato)
Although I got loose at the bottom I think it was better