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My Squat Form (Beginner)

Guys, can you rate my squat form and tell me what I need to improve?

Stop looking down after each rep

form overall looks fine.
do you do sets where you take such long pauses between each rep often? Or do you have sets where you’ll knock out 10 reps or so quickly?


Looked pretty good to me.

Would like to see your set-up/walk out possibly

My big problem is conditioning. I must take longer rest between reps, I simply can’t do squats faster.

Can you give me some advice about Cconditioning for squats?

That’s not accurate. Nobody’s conditioning is so bad that you run out of air after 2-3 reps.

Your problem is the weight is too heavy to do your reps faster. Or you’re simply not pushing yourself hard enough (a common thing for beginner lifters, particularly with the squat).

If conditioning was the issue, you’d likely have similar problems with rep speed even if you dropped the weight to half of what it is. Is that the case?

So that being said said, aerobic conditioning for weight lifting basically involves high intensity conditioning for short spurts. Sprinting for 30-60 seconds is one thing you can do. Tire flips. Sledgehammer swings. Shuttle runs. battling ropes. Heavy carries. Or even high rep lifting itself can help you improve your conditioning. basically, anything that’s going to take less than a few minutes to complete. Long distance running, biking, etc doesn’t do what you’ll want for this purpose.