My Spring Workout Plan

I’m in a very deconditioned state. My goals are to a) increase lean mass b)increase functional strength (and aid body posture) and c)improve cardiovascular health/conditioning w/o expense to the previous listed goals. Another mini-goal that would be encompassed by “b)” is to increase my vertical jump… right now I’m damn weak, and thin, in the legs, particularly the thigh area.

I like to hoop for fun, I’m 6’0" and can currently dunk a volleyball one-handed from a run… lol. I have a bothersome back so I invested in a Super Squats Hip-Belt for squatting, its on its way, apparently this is a very good squatting method for VJ? Anyone know bout this? Well, I know if nothing else its a safe method, and its well, squats lol. I am going to begin by just including these and calf raises as direct leg exercises, simply to observe and assess its effects, otherwise I would include more posterior chain work right away, I’m curious.

Here is a my total-body beginning workout for the gym, performed 3x/week:

Hip-Belt Squats 5x5-10
Calf Raises 5x10
Wide Chins 5x5
Chest Dips 5x5
Narrow Chins 5x5
Tricep Dips 5x5
Seated Cable Row 5x10
Swiss-Ball Press (Pushup with hands on Ball) 5x10
Barbell Curls 5x10
Hypers 5x10
Leg Raises 5x10
Trunk Curls 2x25 (Cobra Stretch 1 min. between sets)
Front and Back Neck Bridges 1 min. each, counter-stretch w/ forward bending stretch, and continue into full-body stretch.

For cardio I plan to concentrate on hill sprints 2x/week (anyone have a suggest as to how to coordinate this with the weight training???) and hoop whenever I feel, and as a “VJ” exercise (that doesnt stress my weakly supported leg joints right now lol)I plan to do “Pool Jumps” 5x10, 2x/week (exploding out of chest-high water from a squat), perhaps on the days I do sprints, prior to sprints in the day of course.

Sound solid for my goals? Suggestions? Thanks :slight_smile:

Is that all performed on the same day?