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My Spike Shooter Review


Well I was at my local Vitamin Shoppe and they has some Spike. TC, it was actually an end cap and prominently displayed. So, I decided to try it out. I've tried the Spike tablet before and it doesn't agree with me. With the Spike Shooter I felt I could control the "dose." Before my workout this morning I took 1/3 of a can. I'm very sensitive to caffeine so I didn't want to go overboard.

Well, to say the least it worked nicely. I was a tad jittery, but that's how I am with caffeine anyway. I had a constant energy through out workout and my concentration was very focused with the task at hand, even though I had to do JM presses smack dab in front of the women's aerobics class.

The big test will be later on or tomorrow morning when I wake up. That's when the Spike tabs would work against me. Hopefully everything will work out nicely and I wont get any side effects. Also, it will be a good test for my recently (March '07) diagnosed acid reflux disease.


Well I woke up this morning without a headache. That's key as that was the problem I would have with the Spike tabs.

The acid reflux wasn't an issue at all which is obviously key. If it was an issue it would most certainly be there when I woke up.

So all in all, the Spike shooter looks like a great alternative to people who have had issues with the Spike tabs. I think it's mostly due to being able to control the "doses." And for someone that was sensitive to the tabs, that's key.

Also, is the ingredient make-up different from the tabs? If so how? Cy or TC, feel free to chime in.


I have always had good luck with Spike and Spike shooters. Of course I tolerate stimulants very well (probably due to an abuse of them and having my adrenals f'ed up for years). Funny thing about me is I can drink a shooter and take a nap an hour later without a problem.


I could drink a can of Spike before bed, it has almost no effect on me whatsoever. I'm NOT bashing the product, just making the point that everyone responds differently to stimulants and nootropics


While this may be true for a very small percentage of people, the vast majority shouldn't consume Spike Shooter anywhere near bedtime because it will keep them from falling asleep.


Yeah all these people crashing after Spike are crazy, I take it at 5-6PM train for 1-1/2 hours and am still have a hard time falling asleep before midnight.


Hell, if I have a lo carb Monster within 6 hours of going to bed I can't get to sleep. I wouldn't dare try that with Spike.


I'm the same with HRX, can double dose an hour before bed and still sleep easily. I do have my days where just 1 HRX pill knocks me for 6 though.