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My Spike Experiment


I went to SND yesterday just to browse and what do you know, they just got in Spike and Power Drive. So I figured what the hell. As my screen name suggests I love ninjutsu and one of the skills,is every ninja must have is herbal medicine and pharmacology.

Over the past few years I have been doing lots of research ( and a few experiments) on those subjects. The goal of this is to be able to improve my preformance (both physical and psycological) on any acute stressor, without creating a dependance or weakness. In this area my experiments with stimulants ie: carffine have yeilded unsatisfactory results. So I am working with Spike to see if I can use it on a non regular basis to provide a buffer agaisnt fatiuge, and low psycological arousal.

I have taken my resting heart rate and have gotten my all one rep maxes, as a psyiological bench mark of comparason.
So the first Spike is down the hatch and I am waiting to see what happens.

I will report my results tonight with one Spike, if I suffer no ill effects I will repeate with two after the recomended three days.

If it works then I will have found an invaluable tool in my ninja asenal, if not then I will have supported a group that has help me improve my taijutsu (body skills) imensely. So I figure what the hell, whats the worst that could happen.


Well I am three hours in and I can tell it is having an effect. I do feel more "up" than normal. There is a bit of the jitters about 1/3 of that I experience with a 100mg dose of caffeine taken on a empty stomach. Oddly I feel it most in my legs right around the tip of my quads above my knee.

I think the best way to describe the feeling I am getting is "drive" I feel like I have to do somthing, productive just siting browsing the internet isn't enough, I think I am going to go study....What is going on here?!?!?!?....What the hell is in this?!?!?!?


It has been 4 hours since my dose and the jitters have subsided but I still feel pretty good. I still have that feeling of drive and motivation, I even remember an assiginment for one of my courses that I had almost forgotten to do, and I'm working on it now, it feels alot easier to focus on the writting of the paper.

I think I have found my new study aid, I still have my work out to go through but so far Spike seems to be worth the price of admission, but I must note that my pulse is about 10 bpm higher than before.


My resting pulse maxed out at 65 bpm then went back to the regular 54bpm. The jitters never returned and the workout went very well. Overall I would say that the Spike did very well for a dry run but next time I think I will take it with food.


hehe ninja.

I'm thinking about buying Spike now that I've found the Aus/NZ Biotest site. It's expensive though, I hope it works but I don't want to have too high expectations.


You will love it!


Yeah i do love your shoulders.............what?


IT, IT, IT....not them but thanks....


I paid about $63 canadian for the bottle of 60 capsules, and if my first experience is any indication it is worth the price. It's not some kind of mirical drug that will give you the best workout of your life every time but it does give you a solid boost, and I will probably use it more for school and work than training, but I would definatly buy it again.


Spkie is a damn good supplement I took one with breakfast this moring and have been going all day no problem, no jitters just a nice little pick me up a solid 8/10.