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My Source?

Hey just ordered 500 of gear on selenedomestic and they want me to send money to bankog??? seriuslly are they legit??? I don’t wanna lose 500 dollars!!! People help! Or if u have a legit domestic source please send me a private message!!

…oh dear…

To the Mods: Can we plaese make it a filter rule that when you see someone posting a source you blank out the name of that source?

do a small order first if you are worried.

[quote]headcrazy wrote:
do a small order first if you are worried.


Never order more than you are willing to lose.

A. Prices are WAY too high.

B. I see they are selling Othala Labs products. Othala has just turned scammer and owes alot of guys money.

C. I’d stay far away.

Make a small order and see if it comes through.

And quit posting sources.


You can’t place a small order with them. I believe $500 is the minimum.