MY soup diet log

Im starting a diet 2morrow. Soup 3 times a day, or more depending if im hungry. Im not talking crappy 35 cent chicken noodle soup. Healthy, hearty canned soups. Low on calories and cardbs. Im going to suplement it with 1g of protein per pound of body weight (200g) In order to still fuel my muscles, as i work out 3-4 times a week plus 3 days of football. IM 12% fat right now. Hoping to trim to about 9-10 in 2 weeks or so. Post your thoughts on my plan. Ill keep u updated. I am 6’1 and 208 12% and 18yrs old thanx.

What’s the nutritional breakdown of the soup?

No such thing as healthy, hearty canned soup. Why not try one of the 100+ sensible diets archived on this site.

its more of a fast i guess… i want to lose alot of fat in a little time.

Why not fast fat diet or T-Dawg 2.0?