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My Solution to Workout Shakes

I have been just manning-out my nausea with my workout shakes since I started lifting but I recently figured out a way that works for me and thought I might share.

I use hardly any water (or milk or juice) for my protein/carb/creatine powder mix. No more than a cup in measure. So it’s kinda thick and syrupy. Then I just drink more water later.

That works for me. I know a lot of people have problems with nausea after pounding workout shakes because a few weeks ago I went through the forums looking for an answer. (I must add, I pound them this way and no nausea… I am incapable of not pounding whatever drink I have) All I found was to add more water/drink to it but that didn’t work so I tried less and chica-boom, chica-chica, whah-whah. Actually, I tried it over and over to make sure I wasn’t just a one-time success-failure and it continued to work.

Maybe it will work for other people.

Yeah I could have told ya that.

Putting 24 ounces of water in your stomach right after you workout is going to kick your ass.

Much less if its mixed with sugar and protein.

I found a whey that actually tastes alright, then I keep the water down to a cup as well. Still, finding powder that doesn’t completely taste like crap makes a huge difference.


I’ve never tried it since I’ve never had a problem slamming shakes, but wouldn’t the thickness cause a lot of shake to stay in the shaker after the initial chugging? Which brings the need for…another chug???

Nowadasy I just use powdered milk along with pizza as a pw food.