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My Snatch and C&J


LOL I'm so slow! Any tips?



Get proper shoes. Other than that it looks good. I guess speed will come with time.


Thanks. BTW do you think that I need to extend my hip more agressively? I think it's the main cause that I'm not quick enough.


Look nice to me, though a bit slow, as you know already. Looked easy. Would be interested to see what happens with your technique / speed at heavier weights. Will be interested to hear what other people think.

Jealous of your shoulder flexibility.

If I remember rightly you were having some shoulder problems with jerking. Is your shoulder better now? Did you just recently start squat jerking or did you always do that?


Hi alexus, yes the doc said that I probably have a SLAP tear based on a shoulder physical examination but the symptoms are practically gone now after approx. 1 month. A labrum/SLAP tear as far as I know cannot heal itself so my shoulder probably has just adapted to the injury (the tear is still there although asymptomatic).

I think the injury was caused partially by split jerking because it's always hurt doing it, that's why I squat jerk now. I think the reason squat jerking is better for my shoulder because it doesn't stop as suddenly as you can see, and the pressing movement is minimal.

My PR before I took a break (actually I was doing powerlifting at that moment) was 70kg snatch and 80kg c&j (with a 70kg BW) so it's not that far off. I'll make sure to post more vids when I get there, hopefully with a better technique!


yes, on both the snatch and clean.

pretty damn good though man.

also, are you intentionally coming up on your toes during the jerk? if so, don't do that. drive through the heels. if you are doing that on purpose for the snatch and clean... don't do that, as well.


I agree with what you said. be more aggressive with the hip at the very end of the pull. To me its no different than thinking SPEED with the heels then getting under the bar. Most people here seem to say to themselves 'hip up and in towards the bar'. Whatever works for you. And yeah, get olympic lifting shoes.


Yeah extending the hip more aggressively is no. 1 on my list. As for the shoes, they have to wait....

Do you mean after the dip? I'll try driving the bar up without my heels leaving the ground next time!


yes, after the dip. Obviously, you may come up on your toes naturally from the forceful explosion through the heels, but if you intentionally get on the toes, you will always catch it forward and sacrifice power.


both dip and drive. I have a similar problem on my drive as well. Watch a lot of the pros and its amazing their foot doesn't leave the ground at all before the leg is fully extended.


Here are today's snatches and clean and jerks:

I attempted to hit my 75/85kg PB but failed. Speed is still slow. Jerks sucked. I noticed that my 2nd pull is too wide. Perhaps was caused by the hip bump....

Any critique is greatly appreciated!


ok your hips are coming up too fast which is why you can't explode very fast. In the jerk your dip and drive need to be more straight. You are throwing the bar forward which is why they feel so sucky.

Also stay on your heels. Heels heels heels. In the snatch you are losing it inconsistently because of this and the high hip.


Yeah my hip always comes too fast when the weight gets heavy. My body apparently just doesn't want too pull in a disadvantageous position (hip low). I think it's because I lack strength. Any advice how to correct this?

Also I want to correct the bar path after the bar hit my hip. How to make it not come forward too much?


For me simply staying on heels and actively keeping the chest high made me keep the hips low. As long as the bar isn't scratching your whole leg on the way up, then they are too low. You need to find the spot where the barbell is just slightly (few milimeters) away from your body.

Fixing the 'staying on heels as long as possible' and keeping hips low might fix the bar trajectory after the end of the pull so don't worry about it. It doesn't look like you are throwing the barbell out with your arms so that's good. Focus on those things for the time being.


i have the same problem. i'm planning on doing some repetitions (but resetting each rep) of just the first pull. aiming to keep the hips down / chest up and the bar moving back from the floor. then speeding it up. then (hopefully) getting used to heavier weights than i can snatch.



maybe this will help. i suck at the snatch but have been making improvements, one thing i have noticed is that if i get through the 2nd pull and then get down under the bar in a smooth motion...... i get quite pleased with myself..... and relax alittle thinking "now i just have to stand up" and thats when i lose it.

Now, in addition to everything else i'm thinking about, i think:

"when i get under the bar after the 2nd pull.... BE TIGHT"
that has helped me.

my other suggestion for strength is to do alot of singles at just under your PR.

Your build like me, kinda tall and thin, work on keepin the hips down. I'm no expert but overall i think your technique is pretty good and so is your speed, which will improve with time. For being tall and thin you keep a nice straight back in both lifts, keep doing that.



I reexamined my vids and it's clear that the weight always came down in front of the imaginary line drawn from the center of my feet. I guess this was what made me lost the barbell most of the time. I need to prevent the hip from bumping the bar too far forward.... Also I drove the barbell a bit forward in jerks like lordstorm said.

I'm about 174cm/5'9" actually which isn't that tall.


you aren't really bumping it forward too much with the hip.almost every lifter will bump it forward a bit, you just use your arms, hands, shoulders to keep it in a rather good trajectory.


Hips coming up too fast, letting your chest drop. Look at the moment you lift the bar off the ground. Your back is pretty much parallel to the ground! = bad position to do start opening up to do the 2nd pull.

Do more hamstring work. Glute ham raisers/ romanian deadlifts mate

Really stress keeping your chest up and driving with your legs maintaining the angle. Lumping 10-15kg on to your FS will help you out a lot as long as you continue to lift.

Your overall technique isn't bad. You are let down by your 1st pull.

Those misses were minor, really minor misses imo, you have to correct way too much due to your not good 1st pull. Just look at some of my misses, they are pretty much slightly in front or behind, no biggie. You will stick it.

Cleans aren't too bad, again first pull needs work
first clean you skip forwards a tad, you probably don't do this too often and it's a one off.

your weight isn't centered on your heels,
when you dip you lean slightly forwards = not good

Keep your weight centered on your heels in your dip and drive phase.

Dip on heels
Drive up straight

Overall the technique is fine, apart from the first pull.

Really smash the bar and keep it close for the 2nd pull.

Maybe start the bar a bit further away from your shins? It's really close to your shins, but this is very minor.



Thanks guys. And you're right, Koing, that my torso was almost parallel to the ground before starting the 2nd pull lol. To make my hips not rising up too fast is apparently the number 1 on the list to do.