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My Slpit, Your Opinion

I’m on TRT, 200 cyp Q7D. I do ramp it up often, 400-600mg and inject more frequently.
6’2" 230lbs.

I’ve found that over the years I prefer to work one body part a day. Allows me to hit it really hard and several different ways. At times I don’t even track weight or reps, just do what my body can handle. This allows me to truly max out every time. I really like to mix it up with high reps. Tried mixing high rep mid weight with high weight low rep in one session. Worked out really well. Labor intensive as far as changing weights, but it was a totally different experience. Example: 20 reps mid weight on bench, 10 reps heavy, increase weight, 18 reps mid, 8 reps heavy…and so on. In doing this I can only do the one exercise for that that one muscle group, but it’s a long session and feels great. Anyone tried anything like this?
Now I’m not an athlete or completive. My workouts are just a daily part of my life, so obviously this routine wouldn’t be good for everyone.

it’s a damn fine way to train. Damn fine.

alot of guys use this style of training high and low reps and just do one muscle group its a spin off from the German volume training that alot of Mr o competitors back in the day like lee priest, tom platz, arnold used. Really cant tell you if you should be doing this or not as your the only one who knows how your body grows.

Me personaly i always work with high reps because i feel it more. I think things like legs should always be trained between 15-20 reps if training for hypertrophy due to legs being endurance muscles. As far as the split goes it dosnt really matter what split you use I think its best to hit every muscle group twice a week with atleast 2 days inbetween hitting the same muscle. the rest is more important than the split.

I do find myself hitting a muscle twice in a week. Whatever’s lagging or whatever looks appealing on the board. I still hit it hard, but its more of a risk/guilt free workout. No expectations, no count, just go for it. Kind of like a kid getting ready to go out, lol
I’ve found just regular 'ol pushups to be a great exercise. Now it’s as much a part of waking up as a shower. Pretty great when my Adderall kicks in half way into my set. Really allows my to push a bit more.