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My Sliced up for Spring Log

Alright why not, here’s what I got. I took 3 months off of lifting from 11/08 to 2/09 after I finished football. I had surgery on my hand and rested up my ankle and got fat and weak in the process. Now that my football career is over I’m focusing on staying in shape and probably hitting a powerlifting meet later this year or early next.

Here’s what I’ve been doing: I’ve been tracking my diet on fitday for about a month. Calories average about 3200/day. Macros are around 45/35/20 f/p/c. Supps are whey, zma, and fish oil. Here’s the training split from this month:

1.BB Row 4x6
2.Pullups 3xfail
3.DB Row 3x8
4.Pulldown 3x10
5.Cable Row 3x8
6.Face Pull 3x12
7.Donkey Calf 3x fail
2 to 1 preacher 1x fail

1.DB Military 3x 6-8
2.DB Bench 3x6-8
3.DB Shrugs 3x6
4.Wide Chest 3x10
5.Lean Away raise 3x10
6.Rear Delt mach. 3x12
7.Iron Cross 1xfail

1.Front Squat 4x4-6
2.Leg Press 3xdrop
3.Calf Raise (leg press) 3x fail
4.Standing Ham 3x8-10
5.Low Back 3x10-12
6.3-way Hack Squat 3x8-10
7.Seated Calf 3xfail

1.BB Straight Curl 4x6
2.JM Press 4x8
3.DB Incline Curl 3x8
4.Elbow-out Ext 3x10
5.Reverse Preacher 3x10
6.Supinated 1-arm Pressdown 3x12
A1 Rope Pressdown xfail
A2 Hercules Curl xfail


  1. 245-275-295-315x10
  2. 40lb DB
  3. n/a
  4. 180x3
    5… 180x2 200x1
  5. 65x3


  1. 275x6 295x6 315x6 365x6
  2. 6plates
  3. 3 plates/side
  4. 70x3
  5. 220x3
  6. 140/sidex3


  1. 115x4
  2. 245x4
  3. 30x3
  4. 30x3
  5. 50x3
  6. 50x3 (done on freemotion cable cross)
    A1. 100 (around 40 reps)
    A2. 45 (around 30)

There are 2 weeks of this same split before this, but I don’t feel like putting it all up

Also, arms, calves and abs are usually trained 2-3x/week. Calves are usually taken to failure and arms are just done for one exercise each tris/bis to get a pump then stop before failure. Cardio is done 4x/week incline walking at 4.2 for 15 min.

ARMS 3/24

  1. 125x4
    2-6 same work sets, a few more reps on last set of each
    A1. over 50
    A2. over 40

Yesterday was 15min on the stair master, leg raises x20, machine preachers and tricep extensions, 50 reps each. Took about 5 mins and static stretched my legs afterward, which I haven’t done in awhile. Today is back day and I feel fresh and ready to move some weight.


  1. 255- 275- 295-325
  2. 40lb DB
  3. 110lb DB
  4. 180x3
  5. 200x3
  6. 65x3
    Everything feels good today, just hit a PR on some rigatoni and sausage PWO.


  1. 75x3
  2. 105x3
  3. 100x3
  4. 135/sidex3
  5. 35x3
  6. 90x3
  7. 15lb DB
  8. Free Motion Arnold Press 90lb x10x3

My trap has been getting a little worse, I’ve got a nerve impingement at my C7 disc according to my chiro. But today wasn’t bad, as long as the shrugs are light and done to focus on squeezing and getting blood flowing they feel good. Same with the shoulder press. Legs tommorrow!

Leg day was essentially the same as last week, after arms today I will change the routine slightly for the next 3-4 weeks. Carbed up yesterday to around 450g which is about 300g more than normal days. The weather is shitty here in Chicago and it’s got me feeling pretty shitty too.


  1. 135x3x6 1x14
  2. 245x3x6 1x10
    3-4 same as last week
  3. 70x3x12
  4. 50x3 (free motion)
    A1/A2 same
    Carbs will be around 100 today, today’s session was better than I thought it would be. I will do some program retooling before coming back Thur.


  1. BB Row (overhand) 4x8

  2. Chin-Up 3xfailure

  3. DB Row 3x6

  4. Pulldown (underhand) 3x10

  5. Cable Row to neck (overhand) 3x10

  6. Free Motion Pullover 3x12

  7. Donkey Calf 3xfailure

  8. 2-1 Preacher Curl 1xfailure

  9. 225x2 245-255

  10. 40lb DBx3

  11. 120x3

  12. 190-200-210

  13. 120x3

  14. 50lbx3
    New split started yesterday, 20min walking beforehand. Felt good, will be doing new chest/shoulder split today. I’m starting to see some more detail in my midsection which is encouraging.


  1. BB Military Press 3x8
  2. DB Incline Press 3x8
  3. BB Shrugs 3x6
  4. Free Motion Chest Press 3x10
  5. Standing Lateral Raise 3x10
  6. Rear Delt 3x12
  7. Iron Cross 1xfailure


  1. 185x3
  2. 100x3
  3. 455x3
  4. 120x3
  5. 35x3
  6. 90x3
  7. 15lb DB
  8. Free Motion Arnolds 3x10 x100lb

My shoulders are feeling beat up and starting to cause some problems, but the day went pretty good and relatively painless.


  1. DL 10x10
  2. 3 Way Hack Squat 3x10
  3. Leg Extension 3x12
  4. Lying Ham Curl 3x8
  5. Standing Calf 3x8
  6. Seated Calf 1x failure

2. 140x3
3. 135x3
4. 120x3
5. 300x3
6. 1 plate

Today was brutal and I felt like throwing up after hack squats. I will move the DL weight up to 295 next week and keep moving it up if I complete all 10 sets.


  1. Drag Curl 3x10

  2. Close grip Decline 3x8

  3. Perfect Curl 3x10

  4. Overhead DB Extension 3x12

  5. Preacher Hammer Curl 3x12

  6. Leaning Cable Extension 3x12
    A1 Rope Pressdown xfail
    A2 Hercules Curl xfail

  7. 70x3

  8. 225x1 255x2

  9. 70lbx3

  10. 75lbx3

  11. 35lbx3

  12. 80lbx3
    A1. 100lb
    A2. 45lb

Today felt good with the new arm split. I’m sore as I’ve ever been from deads the other day, which is a good thing.