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My Skinny Fat to Fat Transformation


In the left pics I’m 23 155 lbs 5’11 skinny fat, at this stage I used to workout 3 times a week, doing weights and calisthenics.

I have a history of depression, anxiety/OCD ,substance abuse and paranoia, the cause of this are family problems/disfunctional family and trauma.

After breaking my foot and some family problems my mental health deteriorated a lot , and not being able to go out of my house made things worse, I became paranoic thinking that my family was trying to hurt me and started drinking again large quantities of alcohol to cope, I was having anger issues because of my paranoid toughs so I ended up looking for help, my psychiatric prescribed me antidepressant and antyphycotics, they did help me controlling my toughts but also made me a zombie, I was sleepy all the day and had food cravings, never felt satiated.

After 3 moths I got better and my paranoia is gone again, but my body is out of shape and it only took me 3 months of taking med to gain~ 30 lbs of fat.

In my right pic I’m ~183 lbs ~ 25% bf now.

Can you estimate my bf% on the left pics ?

Are my hips too wide for bodybuiliding?


Jesus Christ…


You need to go back to doing whatever you were doing in that first picture.


I wouldn’t say you were skinny fat before. Ya dun goofed though kid. You need to forget about bodybuilding for now and get to a decent place with your physique first.




If this isn’t a troll I’ll buy a hat, just so I can eat it.




Not sure if your hips are too wide but look average too me. I think it is more like cuz you have zero lats and obliques…


Most people are unhappy with some aspect of their physique… for you it your hips. You can’t let that hold you back from revamping your lifestyle. You need a solid nutrition and training program. Once you have established this you can focus on lats and shoulders to widen up top so your hips don’t look so big by comparison. For now… lose the focus on that and just start getting active. Put the cookies down.


his hips are fine…

the clavicles definitely need lengthening surgery though. That much is very clear.


Are you sure?

OP, can you post a picture with your shoe, just for reference?


Why a picture with my shoe?


I’ll post others pics where I stand better so you can judge my hips.

Flexing a bit, why I don’t have abs ?


the fact that you are asking these questions tells me, with 100% certainty, that you are mentally not fit for competitive bodybuilding. So the question of hip structure is irrelevant.


It is true, but that wasn’t my question.


still my answer.

have a blessed day.


Are you still on antipsychotics?


Not anymore.


The “transformation” you displayed is pretty typical of someone on antipsychotics. They dull your brain. People are unmotivated and get fat easily. You just have next to no muscle. That’s your problem, first and foremost. Clean up your diet and choose a program.

You can run a 3-day/week full body program, an upper/lower split, a push/pull/legs, a bro split, a strength progression program, all of them will work if the programming is decent. You can lose that fat pretty fast, but building muscle takes a lot of time.

Eat at a slight surplus and lift consistently for 5 years and you’ll have results you can be proud of. Sorry I can’t tell you 3 months, or even 1 year. That’s not how this works. Good luck, bud.