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My Situation - Good Candidate for TRT?


Hello T-Nation:

This is my first post, I was actually made aware of this site by my doc who has spent a lot of time reading up here. About me: I'm 40, 165 lbs, 13% BF, active and healthy overall - I exercise frequently and eat very clean. My problem is that my energy level is just on the floor most of the time. I feel like I could fall asleep during the day at work and my 'zest for life' has tanked. On other item to note is that I have been taking Propecia 1mg/day for about the last 10 years.

I had my labs done and the two stats that came back as issues are:
TT: 349
E2: 8 (yes that's not a typo, this was off the charts low!)

My doc has recommended the following treatment regimen:
1. Test-Cyp 200 mg/ml with zinc gluconate 2 mg ; 0.5ml two times per week
2. hCG 5000iu/5ml; 0.3 ml two times per week
3. No AI as the E2 level is already so low

I'm looking to get my T levels up and my E2 at least close to the normal level of 22 to improve my overall QOL.

Any feedback or input on my situation and the recommended treatment from those with direct experience in this area would be most appreciated!


400 mg of test per week?!


[quote]MentorSorg wrote:
400 mg of test per week?![/quote]

.5 ml, twice a week unless I’m understanding it wrong. In other words, 1 ml or 200 mg a week.


[quote]MentorSorg wrote:
400 mg of test per week?![/quote]

To clarify, it’s half that dosage or 200mg of T per week.


why start at 200mg a week when the norm is 100mg a week? seems excessive.

what is your TSH and Cortisol readings as thse are critical to successful HRT.


Yeah - most start at 100mg/wk. Some docs will “front-load” 200mg the first week to jumpstart things.


some docs are idiots which has been proven here time and time again.

what a great idea…let’s front load T so that we ensure to overdose you thereby causing your system to make natural corrections and dump all of that great excess T into E2. Don’t you feel oh so wonderful now that you have doubled your estrogen levels?