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My Single Halloween Wish


...is that all women will collectively discard of the idea of going out dressed like cat women...and nurses.....and cat women who work day jobs as nurses.....or nurses who accidentally dressed like cats on the way to work.

Just for once....be a natural Pocahontas...naked...or close to it. You know...no gallon of makeup....no fishnet stockings that I have to take off with a pair of surgical scissors. Is this too much to ask?


You're the only one who's still not satisfied with girls just being sluts.

Go figure.


I want sluts who still look great when the costume comes off.

Is that too much to ask?



No permabulking sluts? No matter how good they look in all that latex?


Also, the only poster narcissistic enough to create a thread to post his singular thought on halloween rather than just post it in the halloween thread lol.




Any reason why you are suddenly discouraging young women from sticking with a method that has produced some of the most EXTREME cases of sluttiness known to man? Have you actually produced some serious tramps from season to season, or is this just some aspie, perma-virgin "geek shite negro plox" attempt at armchair quarterbacking the entire holiday?

FACT: women have been dressing like nurses for DECADES to pull off the slutty look.

FACT: every porn site out there has AT LEAST a "nurse" tag; any reputable site will have an entire GALLERY related to the fetish. Like it or not, nurse outfits produce RESULTS.

FACT: anyone lame enough to make a thread about this is probably desperate enough to fuck a dumbbell rack if a cardio bunny drops her sweat towel on it.


Who the fuck takes off the fishnet stockings? Next you're gonna say you make them take the heels off too?


That escalated quickly lol


Dude.....heels are deadly weapons in 48 of the United States.


lol @ complaining about slutty outfits, makeup, and fishnets

and heels


Where's the lunk alarm video?


this can apply to the other 364 days of the year as well.


just uploaded it to youtube





Whats up Mac


on my 2nd deployment to the 'stan. hung out with Bugadisha, waylander, and those guys a few months back while on leave. I just hit 275x2 standing OHP (not push press, and I had gangster form). i'd forgotten my password here for awhile. what kind of exciting stuff have I missed


SteelyD moved to Atlanta
Print is still old and horny
Most of the women were voted off the island
IronDrawf along with them (big orgey thing)
Most if not all 2009 class are still assholes and are gone
SS has not done a good photoshop thread since TrappleJacks
Lanky is a dad and is getting old
Beans is still alive and making money


Sup, brodawg.