My Shoulder Routine

Any constructive criticism would be much appreciated.


About feedback. Could you tell us more about your audience?

Is this a video for use in helping beginners, and you’d like feedback about using it to help women who are getting started lifting?

Are you looking for feedback with regards to what other more intermediate and advanced lifters have found effective in building their delts?

For example, when I train delts, I work in the 20-25 rep range, and I’ll do 5 or 6 sets, so A LOT more volume. My laterals will start out as a full range of motion and become heavy partials by the time I finish a set. And as a lateral raise variation, I like to hold the DB’s back closer to my hips at my sides and moving almost parallel to my body, with a straight elbow because I find my front delt can take over more of the load from the lateral head if they are out in front of my body like the variation shown. Pinky up is also a good variation for laterals. I like doing front raises with a plate like you show in the video, but I like to use tempo training for those. I’ll be explosive as I raise the plate, but lower it as slowly as I can for the first 8 reps, then I’ll finish the set out with a faster tempo like you perform yours. Lowering it slowly makes a huge difference in how quickly I can fatigue them. And I LOVE the cable cross machine for rear delts.

I’m not sure if this is the kind of feedback you want, since you may be making a video for people who are just getting familiar with the movements and those kind of details might be overwhelming.

Overall, really nice video. Very cool.


That looked like a pretty good shoulder workout. Nice video.

[quote]csulli wrote:
That looked like a pretty good shoulder workout. Nice video.[/quote]

Your post made me laugh, csulli. I should have just waited till you responded and then said x2.

10 words or less. I guess it’s a classic men are from Mars deal. :slight_smile: I have to think about it, ask questions, then give a lot of probably irrelevant feedback, then feel kind of invested so I check back and feel kind of lame that I spent some time on these threads when the OP will likely never come back and respond to any of the comments, at least that seems to happen a lot here.