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My Sheiko Skills Eval Video



sweet vid.

You need to bring your bench up though IMO.


Nice work, although I agree with Zep that your bench needs work.

Also, your form on the squat looks ripe for an injury. You hit the hole well, but your form looked awkward about halfway up.

The guy shouting in the background should have spotted you IMO.


1) Can you elaborate on the problem with my squat form with specifics? Thanks.

2) What would spotting me in a power rack accomplish? If I failed the lift, I would dump the bar behind me. The only thing a spotter behind me would do is get hurt.


It was a max lift! It's not alwyas gona look smooth and clean. Good lift and well fought I saw. I also think he knows his bench needs work.


WTF... Deez is training with Matt McG????? That's so weird!

The lifts are looking good dude. That's a VERY respectable squat at your weight.


You've come a long way, congrats


Why is that weird? He lives in NYC, like me.

Thanks, but the squat is still only 2.3x bodyweight.


Lol cos you're DeezWeez, the lone wolf!!

2.3x bodyweights a hell of a lot more than most people on this forum squat anyway, nothing at all to be ashamed of!


Lone wolves are still better in a pack. :slight_smile:

Btw, I find it funny when people say, "you need to bring up your bench press" as if you weren't aware of it and weren't currently trying.

I just say, "Actually, I really DON'T want my bench press to get much better. In fact I only want to progress on squat and deadlift."

If someone is a powerlifter, they have BEEN trying to increase their squat, bench, AND deadlift.


I have to say, great work DW.


well no shit, but his bench is lagging pretty badly, and has the most room to grow in porportion. a bigger total faster.


It's a bit refreshing to see someone who acquired greater strength proportionally in the harder lifts (deads and squats) than the converse which is the case the in the great great great majority of lifters these days. I don't know if I put in enough greats in there.

Oh yeah, great job dude, your progress is admirable.


how long u been on sheiko? and what were the before stats?


dead sexy man, pretty impressive total for weight and raw it looks like? as zep says the fastest way to a higher total is bring the bench up and i think we and u all know that..... but it is great to see such high squats and deads rather than bench and nothing else... keep goin man


I did 12 weeks of Sheiko (29, 37, and 32), and now I'm at the end of the 2nd week of the last 5 week cycle, so it's been 14 weeks.

My before stats were 375 SQ, 225 BP (paused), and 525 DL. However, the deadlift 1RM was performed in the beginning of a workout, not after max effort squats and bench press, like in the Sheiko Skills Evaluations and/or PL meets. My best like that was a 475 DL at my first meet in May, prior to Sheiko.


Thanks. Yeah, the bench needs work, but it's gradually getting better.

Yes, I was lifting raw in that latest Sheiko video, like the one before that in July.


How is it the fastest way tho?

We've no way of knowing which lift he trains the most, or which one would make the easiest improvement. 5lb on his bench is the exact same as 5lb on the squat when it comes to your total.

I'm amazed at people saying "get your bench up" as if he's not already trying.


Exactly. I'm working my ass off with Sheiko to improve all three, doing bench 3x, squat 2x, and dead 1x per week.


im not saying hes not trying hanely, and why are u getting defensive for him, my sqaut lags badly, and has the most room for improvement which is why i can put weight on my squat faster than other things so in that aspect its faster for my total to squat more, maybe its the same for him i was just suggesting as everyone else had