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My Sex Drive

Hey guys, so I need a little help. My sex drive has been up and down for the last few weeks. I was originally on dymethazine, dianabol, test and deca. I ended up having to cut the dbol and dmz out… and running 3 to 1 deca… i had a few days where i was able to please my girlfriend and everything is ok. She is smokin hot… and now i cant seem to get much of a boner at all…

This is terrible and i need to do something tomorrow. I ran the deca completely out this last weekend. Im running around 1 gram of test a week now and my sex drive is still completely gone. im taking maca root yohimbe and the gnc virility pack. I also took 20mg of taladafil today. It is all gone. please help. I need to satisfy this woman or she is gonna get tired of it

How much decca were u running?
Sounds like prolactin issue…

5-star thread.

Get blood work done, everything is just guess work until you do, prolactin and E2 should be tested in particular, total test as well.

Sounds like prolactin issues you could try getting some prami or caber and see if that helps but getting blood work done is wise

Have you tried fisting her?

[quote]Ct. Rockula wrote:
Have you tried fisting her?



Thanks jerkoff, as for the rest of you… can anyone pm me on this caber subject?

Where do you suggest getting blood work done as well. im not a regular for this part… i guess you can say i’ve only ran 3 cycles. Super important i get this done like… yesterday heh. Thanks so much brothers. as for the cycle, i was originally on 550 mg of andropen (Test blend) and 500mg of deca. I gradually phased the deca out so its just a gram of test now. or 1100mg of test/6 days

Is it just me or does it seem like everyone who runs deca fucks themselves up? As for caber their is some really good threads on here do a site search.

[quote]BigJ612 wrote:
Where do you suggest getting blood work done as well. [/quote]

A bloodwork lab is a good option

Go get blood work and then report back here, we can help after we see the results.

Alright i guess im an idiot, do i go to the doctor and say hey i need bloodwork?

as long as you got a tongue she can stay satisfied

she starts shaking after a couple hours if i dont put my dick in her

I just finished PCT from my last cycle and my sex drive has only just come back. I was running NPP but got kinda lazy controlling my E.

I used aromasin 12.5mg eod for 3 weeks and the boners are back, thank christ.

well i was running tamox, arima, maca root, yohimbe, zinc… tried everything… taladafil 15mg a day. i got 3 good days. non stop rock erection. now its all dead. i have some liquid prami irondragon on the way. any ideas on that product fellas?

i figure prami and taladafil, maca, yohimbe, zinc will do the trick… im on the test

Do you think GH would help at this point? I use it PC to return sex drive

i wish i know papa. im the one with the questions here