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My seemingly vanashing shoulder problems

i have something strange to ask you all. I’ve has constant shoulder pain/injury for the past year. I can do just about every excersize but flat and incline barbell bench presses. So, I stayed away from them. Periodically, I’d try flat benching for the hell of it, and my shoulders still hurt with even 135#. so, i’d end up doing just one set, and do dumbells or something. I’ve started my diet the first of last week. The biggest change to my diet regiem has been the double dose of Methoxy and I take in 400 calories of straight high lignan flax oil per day. My shoulders have magically healed in the past two weeks. I noticed they’ve been feeling better, so i tried flat barbell benching last night. I did 3 sets of 10 of 135# and my shoulders felt 99.9% healed. The only thing i can think of that helped my shoulders was possibly the high daily dose of flax, or could it be the magic healing properties of Methoxy ?

The flax