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My Secure Email was Hacked

Somebody (probably from this forum) hacked my secure email. Somehow he got my password. His email name is Kane Ix. If you received anything from me that didn’t make sense or you didn’t ask for, its possible this person did it. He sent emails from my account then deleted them from the sent box so I couldn’t see them.

I’ve deleted my email address from my profile. Hopefully, it wont happen again.

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Sense that day we talked about that situation in my Proton mail I changed my password to an extremely difficult group of letters and symbols. It seems. “Brute force” hacking from what i believe it’s called is easy if the password is simple.

Do you use same email and password in any other website? There are thousands of databases (even yahoo got hacked) hacked so hackers scans those databases

You can not bruteforce any decent website nowadays unless it is made by some high school programmer

I didnt think the password was simple. Its personal though and meaningless to anybody else. Its been changed. But I need think where else its been used

That’s what bothered me was the fact I use the same password for everything. I figured tho the rest of my stuff was safe because none of it was linked to my Proton mail address ita all linked to my personal unsecured email.

But Ya I would def change anything that you use your secure email as log in that had the same pw.

Sorry to hear that happened to you bro!

Wait, so all those tasteful nudes you send me were from the hacker?! Now I’m disappointed. I thought I was special, Stud.


:joy: oh shit, I almost died

Why the fuck would someone do this? I don’t understand what the POSSIBLE goal is? There’s presumably no credit card number or banking details to steal

Should probably tag Dr Sir and anyone else in here.

We should all probs change passwords for security purposes. Shit like this gets me paranoid.

@thehebrewhero @physiolojik @hrdlvn @hardartery @flipcollar @anon10035199

Feel free to add anyone who has ran cycles previously

Also @thehebrewhero given you’re username, are you by chance Israeli or Jewish? Just curious (I’m Jewish yeet, but don’t associate with organised religion), still identify as and am proud to be of Jewish heritage / of Jewish race though

Well, I contacted my email admin and changed my password and deleted all my old emails. Technology is awesome but it comes with a price, unfortunately.

For me this is an unrelated addy to anything else. I don’t use it anywhere else and the password has nothing to do with anything else. And I live in Central America, so whatever. But thanks for the heads-up.

I apologise, trying to keep the community safe and secure.

I believe AAS are legal there

Are you aware if there was a purpose for the hack? Law enforcement? What makes you suspect the perpetrator was a member of this forum?

I can’t imagine anyone on here would have a vendetta against or harbour hostile premonitions towards you

Everything is OTC, and cheap. And I have a scrip from an endo in the US anyway, so I remain unconcerned for the moment.

A forum member asked me offline about where I acquire my gear. His response to me had an email in the chain that came from my email address but I did not write it. The hacker sent my friend a source’s contact info. Someone I had never heard of.

My email admin confirmed that “someone” accessed my email using my login and password and sent an email and then deleted it from the sent folder.

Unfortunately, this little episode has made me remove my email address from my profile.

Consider yourself even now, I signed him for every gay porn website I could find. I even found Granny Face Sitting.

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You mean there was one I forgot!?

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I think that one is called DustyMuff.com

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You sick fuck, I was just joking and here you go and take it to another universe. lol

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You have no idea :wink:

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