My Second Steroid Cycle

Hi everyone
This is my second roids cycle for cutting
I wanna your reviews

I’m 28 y 5’11 200 lb 12%bf

aturday: suspension plus stanazol plus tren100
Sunday: suspension plus stanazol plus masteron
Monday: suspension plus stanazol tren100
Tuesday: suspension plus stanazol plus masteron
Wednesday: suspension plus stanazol plus tren100
Thursday: masteron
Friday: off

All of that plus ephedrine vial everyday

Ok number of questions.
Is the stanazol oral?
I assume the tren is acetate?
What mgs of suspension, masteron and stanazol?
How long of a cycle is this?

You are obviously ok with pinning yourself every day but technically with suspension you should be pinning morning and night, if not every six hours. Why not test prop? Is it an availability issue? With the extremely short half life of suspension I don’t know if taking thursday and Friday off of the suspension is a good idea. I don’t think you will cause any serious issues but why not avoid a day or two of having no or extremely low testosterone in your system. That has to work against you and your desired results.

I would switch it to test prop simply to lower the number of injections. You are going to run out of injection spots and end up injecting in a tender sore spot. Take if from me, do whatever you can to lower the possibility and chance of injecting into an area with PIP. It can be like exposing a nerve and rubbing sand paper on it.

You have a really good mix of compounds but it might be a bit too much for a second cycle.

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Tren alpha 50 mg eod
Stanazol alpha 50 mg ed
Masterbolin keifi 100mg eod
T Susp 100mg ed

Why everyday?apart from the winstrol ofcourse,

Ok you told me brands not esters. Just when you have time read up on “esters” and or “estered hormones.” You will need to understand them as you progress.

I would still try to find and acquire testosterone propionate rather than the testosterone suspension. It will just make it easier to have stable hormone levels. With the testosterone propionate you can get away with injecting every other day rather than every day with the suspension. I do admire your commitment with the current plan but seriously that is just one hell of a lot of pinning. If you rotate you can go right the left glute, right then left thigh or quad, right then left shoulder. But once you get to the shoulders you can really only go one cc per shoulder so there is five days of pinning. And I promise you everything will still be sore by the time you rotate back to it. Those stanzol and suspension shots are suspended in water with little crystals that end up cutting the tissue from the inside out and that doesn’t even include the pain from it being in water. With your current plan you will end up trying to pin in your traps, not a good idea this early in your career. You will end up sore every where and possibly trying places like the bicep and tricep, again not a good idea this early. You can also try your lats but again this is early for you.

I say this for the third time for a reason. If you can aquire it get testosterone propionate and cut down on the shots. Plus it is in oil so it is less painful. Then it will also help keep stable hormone levels. It’s a win win win all the way around. Get testosterone propionate if you can and avoid the suspension.

And again, how long are you planning for this cycle to last?

Im planning it for 8 weeks

I’m on hard diet
Calories intake 2150 per day
Pro 280 g
Carb 188
Fat 37
For 4 days
Then alow carb day and 2 zero carb days

Doing cardio for 6 days a week
45 min after workout in 6.5 speed 15 incline

Is that enough for get ripped

your “12%” at 200lbs and short, yes of course it is youll lose for a while.

So i have another question
In my schedule I’ve to inject t susp on Wednesday then stop injecting it on Thursday Friday Saturday
Is that will drop test levels or not
And what should i do

this is so ridiculous. suspension needs to be injected everyday at least. Some people even use it as a preworkout, thats how quick it goes up - annnd consequently goes down.
Why are you trying to reinvent the wheel???


Whats your opinions if i add t prop to my schedule

Saturday: suspension plus stanazol plus tren100
Sunday: suspension plus stanazol plus masteron
Monday: suspension plus stanazol tren100
Tuesday: suspension plus stanazol plus masteron
Wednesday: suspension plus stanazol plus tren100
Thursday: masteron plus t prop
Friday: off

Ok if you didn’t understand my previous reference to esters and estered hormones, then here is another try. (This process will end up explaining why everyone is trying to get you to NOT use suspension)
Any compound we injest into our body has a half life. Basically a half life is how long it takes for half of the compound to broken down and used by our body. Estered hormones have half lives that are measured in DAYS. Suspension has a half life measured in HOURS.
If the suspension is fully suspended and no longer in Crystal form then the half life is around six hours so that in 24 hours there is nothing left of the suspension shot. By the 24 hour mark we say it is terminal or dead, there is nothing left of the shot or it is so small we can’t consider it able to influence anything. If the suspension is still in small crystals then it takes longer but we still say at 24 hours there is nothing left of the shot.

So if you take ANY days off from suspension then on those days your body has ZERO testosterone in it. That is very counter productive or simply “very bad.” We want all of these hormones to get to a level where they are stable. We feel the best and get the most out of our workouts when we have stable hormone levels.

I am again stressing this point. Go get testosterone propionate or some other estered testosterone. Using suspension as your base testosterone in a cycle is very counter productive. To have stable hormone levels with suspension you would need to inject some every six hours.

Your cycle layouts are going to produce a rollercoaster of hormone levels. They will be super high for a few hours then low then zero and that is on each and every day you inject suspension. If you take days off from injecting suspension then you just have ZERO testosterone levels. Your body needs stable levels of testosterone.


I think your wasting your breath.
Yalla so whatever you want @octopus88

Totally Understood :pray:

I’ve used t susp for 3weeks till now cz I’m in wwek 3 of the cycle
Can i stop using t susp and start using t prop in the remaining weeks

Yes you can absolutely switch to testosterone propionate!
Depending on how high you want to run it, I would say for what you have laid out then a 1cc 100 mgs shot of testosterone propionate every other day is good. That equals 350 mgs a week and that’s good for what you are doing and the other compounds.

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I wanna to stop t susp from the upcoming week and go on t prop
But i was taken t susp 5 days aweek thats about 500 mg if i go on prop i will inject it eod thats about 300 -400 mg per week
So ill reduce test intake per week … thats the point

Ok but how to distribute 500 mg of t prop per week

Eod gives you 7 shots in two weeks? U want 500 a week so 1000 in two weeks divided by 7 gives you 142.8mg. Since most of the time prop is at100mg/ml therefore 1.4cc eod average 500mg per week. It isnt rocket science.
With suspension you got pure Test, proprionate is 80% mass test.

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When you use the suspension it doesn’t all get absorbed and “put to work.” There is just no way all 100 mgs got attached to receptors in the short half life. Maybe if you were 275 plus pounds at 4% body fat and spent four to six hours in the gym with SERIOUS weight and reps.

I would think that 350 mgs a week of propionate would be good given it has a more steady release rate. However if you are dead set on getting exactly 500 mgs of raw test per week then that is about 600 mgs of propionate. There is about 84 mgs of test in 100 mgs of test propionate.

I don’t think that 600 mgs a week of prop will compliment your desired outcome. However if you really are worried and want to take more than 350mgs a week then I think 125-150 mgs EOD would be more than sufficient. 125 EOD equals about 437.5mgs and 150 EOD equals about 525 mgs and those totals are for the testosterone propionate weight. You have to convert to find out the raw test weight without the propionate ester weight attached.

To convert prop weight to raw test weight just multiply the prop weight by 0.84.
100 mgs of prop multiplied by 0.84 equals 84 mgs of raw test.

Remember with EOD shots then you would be injecting sun,Tues,Thurs,sat,Mon, Wednesday, Fri and repeat.

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Thanks alot🙏
Ive got t prop 100 mg.
It contains 10 ampules
Sooo how to inj ct 150 mg eod :nerd_face::nerd_face:

Im in week 5 of my cycle (8 weeks cycle )
Can any one help me how to pct correctly