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My Second Meet

I weigh in at 156.0 lbs.

squat: 125 kilos (make), 135 (miss), 135 (miss)
bench: 75 kilos (make), 80 (miss), 80 (miss)
deadlift: 142.5 kilos (make), 160 (make), 180 (got it off the ground, but didn’t lock out)

On that last deadlift I was going for the raw state record. That is why I took such an ambitious jump. I set a PR on the deadlift with the 160 kilo (352.5 lbs) and it felt too light.

Compared with the first meet since I came in 6-8 lbs lighter than the last time and the only lift that went down was my squat, I feel it was an overall victory and good showing on my part.

Great job!

Why did you come in lighter for this meet?

I didn’t mean to. I just ended up weighing in at 156 on the day of the meet. Back in April I was 163ish.

What are you basing your openers on?

Congrats on the PR.