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My Second FF Draft


Ok so my second draft went down yesterday. This is my big leage, Only $210 entry, but we take it real serious. Like we rent a conference room with elevated row seating to hold our draft in. 14 teams, 1/2 PPR, distance scoring Bonus, and yardage bonuses for things like 125 and 175 yard performances for RB's TE's and WR's and 300 and 400 bonuses for QB's The scoring breaks down pretty even amongst positions, any year the highest non QB could be a RB or WR, and there is a pretty even mix along down the season points positions.

That being said, a QB with a huge year, Brees last year, Brady in 07 can net you DOUBLE what the top WR or RB can get you. This type of thing usually single handedly wins you a majority of your games, so we usually have 1 2 or even 3 QB's go in round 1, especially with 14 spots. I drafted 10 this year.

Rd 1 Brady
Rd 2 Colston
Rd 3 Portis
Rd 4 Roy Williams
Rd 5 Thomas Jones
Rd 6 Marshwan Lynch
Rd 7 Kevin Walter
Rd 8 Jeremy Shockey
Rd 9 Chris Henry
Rd 10 Matt Hasselback
Rd 11 San Diego D
Rd 12 Leron Mclain
Rd 13 Mewelde Moore
Rd 14 Michael Crabtree
Rd 15 Robbie Gould
Rd 16 Kevin Faulk

Ok, so Moss went 4th overall, followed by Andre Johnson at 7, Fitz at 8, Brees at 9. I thought there was going to be a big run early on QB's and WR's since they are so top heavy this year and RB's are pretty deep in comparison with all the tandem and trio backfields this year.

I think I plyed the runs well and got the top of the QB run, made out with two good starters for WR, and after week 3 should have 3 solid RB's to choose from. TE I am ok with, I missed the top 4 so I just waited till a little later as the position is relatively deep. I love San Diegos D,Playing Denver twice, Raiders twice, KC twice, thats 6 weeks where they should kill it for me, and I expect them to be good every other week.

Robbie gould I took because he was the highest rated kicker with a week 5 bye, I have TE, D and K and one WR on week 5 bye, so I'm not add dropping, I'm just going to try to win without a K D and TE, it's not uncommon for those positions to lay a goose egg or really low SD every now and then anyways. If shockey is really struggling, I may drop him that week but overall I plan on just going in a little weak for week 5. All my other byes are covered nicely.

Rate and or discuss.



Nobody? I know there are some FF fans out here. Come on boys (girls too if you play) I'll break down your teams if you post them.



As a fellow saiyan, I can't stand idly by and watch you go down in flames like this. I don't do FF so I won't have much valuable input. I will however make a couple of observations. First, I'm extremely disappointed with your #1 pick. Need I remind you that Tom Brady is a homo?


Second, I would have drafted Barry Sanders. I know he's retired and all, but don't they still give him FF points every week for being a complete badass?

If not, I'd try to find a respectable league that does.


I would have taken Payton over Brady.

I also think Lance Moore will produce more than Colston. Kevin Curtis pulled a hammy last night. I don't think Portis is going to be ultra productive.

Bascially I like Lynch and Shockey out of this squad. Time will tell though.

I have 2 drafts this weekend and I prior.

Calvin Johnson
Willie Parker
Ronnie Brown
DeSean Jackson
Big Ben
Braylon Edwards....
Kevin Smith
Chris Cooley
Chris Brown
Ahmad Bradshaw

That is my current roster. I make moves like catholics make babies. I feel slightly above average at RB, average at QB and WR. I am hoping on a break year from some young players. Looking to pick up a free agent QB that emerges as well. This league is basic points.. no PPR.


The reason I took Brady was that last year he was the hands down #1 QB to draft after his rediculous 2007. He got hurt very early, so his recovery was basically almost 1 year long, thats a lot better than a guy getting that injury at the end of the season. Secondly, nothing has changed on his team, you still have randy moss, welker and all the other weapons he can use, oh and he still has the hoody.

I hate the patriots, and I hate Brady, I hate anything from New England/Boston area, fukin douchers, but I will respect thier ability, and Brady has that in spades. Also the Hoody is a diabolical bastard, I would not put it past him to proove Brady is the best, I can see him trying to get Brady to the NFL record in Yards passing and touchdowns this season. Also they have one young underacheiving RB and 4 guys who use a walker to get from thier cars to the practice feild.

Not exactly going to be hammering the run all day long. And does anyone remember 2007, when they were up 20 points in the third and 4th, did they run the clock out? No... Brady to Moss for another 60 yard touchdown sounds about right.

Colston is absolutely the best WR for the Saints, being the #1 WR on one of the best Passing offenses in the league is never a bad thing. He needs to stay healthy, but every NFL player is an injury risk, I pick my players as if none of them are going to get hurt, thats why you have backups.

Portis is a stud when healthy, he was in the top 3 in fantasy scoring through 8 weeks last year. There has been a lot of talk about getting Betts more work especially on 3rd downs, so that should keep portis more fresh and keep him healthy. I think he is in line to have his best season, and I got him in the 3rd round.

I don't love Thomas jones, but at that point for my #2 Rb, I was happy to get a full time starter, even though Leon washington looks better than TJ. I still think TJ will get the 1st and second down carries for the most part and should put up another 1,000 yard season with about 5 touchdowns. Not bad for my #2.

Lynch was a steal, I could afford to have him on the bench for 3 weeks with my other two guys good starts there, and my WR and QB were already locked up so it was a no brainer, Portis Jones and Lynch all went in the first round in my league last year, they all should produce similar to last year and I think Portis and Lynch should produce even more than they did last year.

Roy Williams as my #2 was also a bargain in the 4th round. It was between him and braylon edwards, they were the last two big physical WR left, everyone else was likie eddie royal, santana moss, Hell welker was already gone, I would have taken a shot at him. I figured, both Roy and Braylon have something to prove, but who plays for the better team? who has a better QB? Roy has good guys across the field and a good running game behind him that teams won't be able to key in on him as much.

Plus getting called out by every hall of famer from dallas can only help to motivate him. I have him getting 1200 yards and 10 TD's which is great from your #2 WR.

San diego D I took a little early but I absolutely love them this year. They improved beacause merriman is back, they drafted talent on D early in the draft, and they play in the worst division in football. The raiders, broncos and chiefs are all complete and total messes this year and thier preseasons have made them even worse.

They will have 6 games this year where thier D might score me 30 points in my leage and that is comparable to a good outing for a QB. Also they should have a good chance at a respectable outing against any team they play any week, but thier divisional games will be almost sure win weeks for me.

The picks I don't like are Mclain, and Crabtree, but it's a deep league and they were pretty late rounders. Mclain I was thinking an injury to rice would bring him back to tailback and I think he is better than Willis, Hopefully he still plays a decent role in the passing game and goaline, but ray rice is looking really good.

There were a few guys I was targeting as sleepers late, but most got nabbed just a few picks before I had the chance. Guys like Coffee and Cadillac were two RB's I was looking to get a shot at late. I also wanted to take a look at Percy Harvin late mid rounds as I think he is going to be a poor mans reggie bush this year.

Overall this was my line of thinking when making my picks, maybe it can help some of you when making your upcoming picks.



Good call on Roy Williams over Braylon "Butterfingers" Edwards. That guy easily cost the Browns 1 or 2 games last year.


Thanks, The run on WR was early and hard this year, In the first two rounds here is the WR that fell. I'll try to remember the order but I might mix some of them up. Moss, A Johnson, Fitz, Calvin Johnson, Wayne, Gennings, White, Colston, Boldin, Steve Smith. In 2007 4 WR went in the first 2 rounds. 2 teams went WR/WR this year and while they may be a little better at WR than I am, I am killing them at QB and RB. One team didnt pick RB till rd 6. Booooooo

I really think Boldin is due for a nice rebound year, but again, I looked at who had the better chance, if both stayed healthy to dominate, I have to think Fitz is going to command a little more attention due to his playoff run last year, Colston is the top dawg, he got hurt early in the first game and didn't really come back to full health till after the bye week (week 9 was the bye) From that point on he had 6 Games which were very good to exceptional, and 2 sub par performances. If you keep him healthy all year over a 16 game season, he should have 12 good to great weeks with possibly 3 or 4 letdowns. This is what number 1 recievers do.

Here is another way I looked at things. The #1 WR in my rankings and the number 1 WR taken in our draft was moss. I have the guy throwing him the ball, that has to be a good thing. The number 1 QB in my rankings and the #1 QB taken in our draft was Brees, I have his top target, that also has to be a good thing. Hopefully injuries don't plague me like they have over the past 2 seasons.



Well you picked up some Steelers this time...good, very good.

Fast willie has to produce to get a new contract.

Mewelde Moore was huge last year when FW went down. Not sure if they make it to the SB without him last year. Might be out of a job returning kicks this year... Stephen Logan might be something special returning kicks and punts if he makes the team. He might be there on your next draft for big value.


Yea, I really like MM to turn it on in the second half of the season when he becomes the starter again. Mendenhall runs too upright and is going to take too many big hits to survive the season, and FWP seems to be too small to be an every down back. MM is really a good quality guy and has nice hands out of the backfield. Also he is a pretty stocky guy so he should be able to take some punishment, though I think he is better running in some space, preferrably on check downs and screen passes. The steelers do make some nice holes with thier power rushing game, and MM doesn't seem to have any problem taking advantage of those. The good thing is he should be able to last half a season of pounding which is what I anticipate him getting.



San Diego D... good call, that's who I got. Pathetic division.

Lynch is sitting the first 3 weeks, just FYI.

I'm not a fan of Hasselbeck. And I'm the guy that took Brady first round last year... fuck me. Went with Peyton this year.

I think thomas jones was a reach at RD 5, but that might just be me. He went late in my league.

I would have stayed completely away from the Patriots backfield (Faulk), and just about any committee possible. I'd drop Faulk for Fred Jackson. Jackson will start for 3 full weeks, in case you need him. Faulk splits with 4 other guys.

I bet Crabtree doesn't play this year.

Myself, my:

Roy Williams
Bernard Berrian
Chris Johnson (hopefully Lendale doesn't steal too much)
Addai (comes free with knee doctor)
Zach Miller
SD DST (pathetic division, but they play NFC East this year)

beanie wells (this was a gamble... hopefully it pays off!)
Ginn Jr
Chester Taylor
Hakeem Nicks
Fred Jackson

16 man teams with 10 owners = no talent pool. You pretty much have to rely on sleepers, injuries or otherwise unexpected stars to even really make a move. I think the best overall player not taken is Willis McGahee, who's splitting time majorly.



I drafted Brady in the first round last year too with the 10th pick. Fucker didn't even last 10 minutes!


Your team is definitely solid. Thanks for the analysis and insight on why you made the picks you did. I have my first draft tonight and it was very helpful.

I really don't think the McClain pick is all that bad for the reasons you mentioned. Rice is the guy without a doubt but even with McGahee around, I still think he could vulture some TD's. If Rice or McGahee goes down, you could have this year's Lendale White.

The picks I don't like are Crabtree and Faulk. I understand why you took him but there is no way I would waste a pick on an unsigned rookie WR who has missed training camp, pre-season, and will probably be holding out well into the regular season. Even if he does play this year, WR's tend to have a steep learning curve and I really don't think he'll be all that effective.

Faulk could be okay if you're in a PPR league but I personally tend to stay away from drafting any running backs from New England or Denver. You just never know who in the hell is actually going to get the ball.

Nice looking team overall. Good Luck!


I think Fred Jackson went a few rounds before I took Faulk, with 14 teams and 16 rounds, the pickings were pretty slim down that far. I can add drop, so I plan on dropping crabtree this week if he doesn't sign and adding someone who looks like they are improving that wasn't drafted. We get free add drops until the season starts then our FAAB starts.

Just had my third draft last night.

In order: Brady, S Jackson, G Gennings, Housh, C Benson, B Edwards, A Gonzolas, Hasselback, L McCoy, J Carlson, C Taylor, Cadillac, Sand Dieogo D, G Coffee, N Rackers.

I can defend the Benson Pick, this league is a weird one, you get a full point per rushing attempt, which makes lone backfield guys who get nearly every carry very valuable. By my count, Benson is one of only about 6-8 RB's in the league who does not have someone taking 3rd downs or spelling them for significant periods.



Don't mean to hijack but do any of you guys have experience with auto drafts on yahoo?

I'm in a league that auto drafts next week and I'm trying to figure how to best rank my players in order to get the best roster possible. Last year, I didn't even change the rankings and ended up with a decent team. We only had 8 owners and there was no money involved so I didn't really care.

This year, we have 10 owners and $50 per team, winner take all.

Yahoo's system fills all the starting spots first - including Def, K, and TE before it fills in bench depth. Based on that, I'm thinking that I should rate the top 5 or 6 players at each position so that it will hopefully fill in some of my starting spots with the elite or top-tier guys.

Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.


Yea, don't pay money for a league where you can't even draft your own team. Seriously, back out and do another free league online where you can draft your own team, or tell them to do a live online draft if you are to pay $50 bucks to play in it.



I was kind of thinking that actually. I've never done a money league where I couldn't pick my own players before. I see no reason to start now.



Understandable as long as he doesn't get hurt.

You're fucking crazy.


You're fuckin crazy


Rd 6 Marshwan Lynch

You're fuckin crazy. Alright, not so crazy because this was the sixth round, but I wouldn't hav taken him.

Good, but probably could have gotten him way later.

Crybaby cunt who sucks and WILL NOT produce for you. Trust me. Giants fan. Hate him.

We'll see

Solid number 2.

Not bad... it's a defense, who cares.

I took him too, but I"m really unsure of how many carries he's gonna get. Lot of backs in B'more.

Rd 13 Mewelde Moore


Waste of a pick.

Shoulda been your last pick

Bad pick

Overall I hate your team. Your first five picks are solid players but the rest drops off quickly and you've got no bench. You either haven't done this often or you don't win much.

How many guys are in your league? How many positions can you play? I'm going by my leagues' standards but yours may be different.

Exactly how heavy are they? Why is your league like this? That's fucked up.


I have been doing this for 5 years now and I have 1 league championship and 2 second place finishes, My best in this league is a thrid. I posted the league stats in the first threead, but i'll go over it again.

14 teams, all owners are in multiple money leagues and have been doing this for years. Traditionally in this league, you need RB's early and often to win, this has slowed in the past 2 years, for instance, in 07 somone took Brady at the end of Rd 1 and Moss in the beginning of the second round. He made it to the finals and had the most dominant team that season. The reason WR's have been gaining on RB's in our league scoring is that we have the standard 1 Pt for 10 Yards Passing/rushing. .5 Points for every reception, and yes we award half points, not 1 point for 2 receptions. And there are distance scoring bonuses, a touchdown inside or 20 yards is worth 4 points, 21-50 yards is 6 points and anything over 50 yards is 8 points. This favors guys who score long touchdowns, hence mainly WR's. Also there are yardage bonuses for total yards in a game. 5 points if you break 125 rushing or recieving, and 10 points for any effort over 175. With the prevelance of passing offenses the past 3 or 4 years, we have seen huge jumps in the WR upper end scoring, because more guys are getting either a 5 or 10 point bonus.

Now take that into consideration, and add into it, all the RBBC's that have emerged over the last few years, and it's pretty obvious why the top 10 WR's are just as valuable as the top 10 RB's and actually since there isn't even 10 RB's who are not in a comitte, and only some of them are on good running teams, there are only about 5 or 6 who are really worth drafting in the first round. I mean why would I take Gore in the first round, when I can get Portis in the third round, and have my QB and WR be MUCH better than if I had taken gore 1st.

Also I have already dropped Crabtree and picked up Cribbs from cleveland, he has looked pretty good lately and he is a very good athlete.

And just FYI, the reason my team isn't stacked with talent, as I mentioned before, is that I play with 13 other very good owners, Nobodies team looks amazing because we don't have half our league making stupid picks. Sure if this was a 10 or 12 team league with 3 or 4 idiots drafting, I would expect to have a better team, but for having 14 really good owners, I think I have a good chance to do well this season. Also let me not that last year was the 6th year of the league and we had our first repeat champion, so there are plenty of good owners, and they guy had to win his last 2 gamnes last year just to make the playoffs, then he got hot.



From CBS, and they usually are talking about a 12 or 10 team standard leagues.

Analysis: This is a good sign that Williams is making progress. Williams is flying off draft boards as a No. 2 Fantasy WR in Rounds 4 through 6 and it would appear -- for now -- that it is still safe to target him there.

So I got him in Rd 4 as a #2 WR how exactly am I crazy? Basically every other fantasy website I have used this year says pretty much the same thing about him. Do you have some secret fantasy website or crystal ball which I could use to avoid making these fucking crazy picks in the future?



Here is the latest on Colston, 18th pick overall in my league, I would say that qualifies as the end of Rd 2 for 10 or 12 team drafts.

Analysis: Colston was coming off of a command performance against the Texans, so he really didn't have much to prove against the Raiders, plus he was guarded by CB Nnamdi Asomugha for part of the game. Colston is the best wide receiver in the Saints' offense, and considering they pass a lot, that's a really good thing. We like him as a low-end No. 1 Fantasy WR worth a pick between the end of Round 2 and the middle of Round 3 in all drafts.