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My Second Cycle


My second thread concerning my 2nd cycle. In my first thread I was looking for valid and reliable information and answers to my (maybe too pedantic) questions. I hope I’ll have more opinions/experiences/advices whatnot on this one =)

Myt stats: 31yrs in May-18, 90kg, 184cm, 15 bf%

Okay, so I got some real good legit omnas (the new ones with decanoate ester) 9 x 250 mg test blend. And then a 10ml vial of test enanthate (250mg/ml), from Syntholan Technologies. My friend has same stuff and says it’s good.

So I thought I’d run:
1.wk 500 mg omna
2.wk 750 mg omna
3.wk 1000 mg omna
4.-8.ws 500 mg/wk test-e

I’d like to finish the cycle with short esters like test prop and tren ace and to expand the cycle to 10-12 wks.

Any opinions? I take adex(not tuu much because im very sensitive to it and havent have before any estrogenic side-effects). And have nolva 60x20mg + 60x10mg, and planned to run a megagiga 3-month PCT, just because I love tamoxifen, it makes me feel great; it just fits me.


Thats 8 wks. I’d like to prolong it with something

What does a megagiga 3-month PCT look like?

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What the fuck is going on here,
Whats the points in going from 500 to 750 to 1000??? 1000 mg a week on second cycle? NO REASON to go above 500 600 700mg/wk.TREN second cycle?
stop being a idiot just take 0.7-1cc (200mg-250mg) of ommna(sustanon?) once every third day. That means you pin one day, two days go by and you pin again. you can switch to the Test E when you run out.
Take arimidex on a set schedule and PLAN PCT

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OhGeez: simple. nolva 20mg/day for 3 month (maybe one two week 40, then 20, then 10 1-2 weeks. I loved nolva.

Pereque, familiar with different tesosterone esters and the build up process of those? Think for your self =) It 1 week of 1g OMNA … =) someone could call it frontloading some of a kind, some can call it “adapt your body to exongenous androgens”, some have studied lots and lots (not broscience) and come to a decision that thats best for me.

Have you heard that there is also a theory of taking 1 OMNA/SUSTA A DAY for 2-3WEEKS =O and then dropping to 500mg/week.

Luckily there’s not just one way. I like people who think out of the box with reliable and valid explanations concerning the safe and efficient way taking AAS.


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for example i dont take adex ON A SET SCHEDULE. Last time 1st cycle i did it .25 x3/wk, chrushed me. did it again, chrushed me and after the third mistake i decided to take it when i feel i have to take it. So this doesnt work for everybody. So I may be a low aromatizer.

There is so much to take into account so my actual question was/is…or should i even ask on this forum anymore…? There are also forums with sophisticated and intelligent individuals. And yes, im not american, if u pardon my language.

is it forbidden 3month nolva 20mg? i told i loved it. it’s like a standalone nolva cycle. people do that with good results. why dont you do that? it doesnt fit all.

i run test 1000mg/wk FOR 1 WEEK

BUT i get ur point

but you know there are thounds and thounds of “you” there, and one might say yes good, one nono, one try it an so on, so you havent answered my actual question, but dont bother, wasnt worth to ask here. Thanks for your try though!

what test? prop with that waste, decanoate not

how so? you asked how is this cycle? im saying its retarded, just do what is known to work, you just put a mishmash for no reason.
you want to ramp up to 1000 in 3 weeks then go back to 500 then throw in some TREN just for shits and giggles and then do Nolva 3 month pct.
Can someone tell me how this isnt retarded?

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we are still speaking of a 4-ester compound of test, of which 100mg is decanoate with a 15d half-life

you know, many say you have to shoot omna/sust e2d to get most of it the prop etc, so whos right, what fits who, but that wasnt my question

I answer to my question: maybe ill take test prop for the last 2 weeks so i can start pct almost immediately. Nice.

now i recognize ur face…ur thing on forums is to do this shit what you are now doing, why would there be questions if everything with test is 8-12wks test 500mg/wk 4wks nolva 40/40/20/20

fuck me, i m out’

Thats the OLD omna?!

New OMNADREN=SUSTANON (same esters of same ammount)

Old jelfa omna had that combination you posted

I dont mean to be unpolite, but I dont like if people know just one way whats right for them and must be for all that matter. We react differently. Some say “dont use 250mg/wk, will do shit” and their total test is higher than thos who take 600mg. maybe because the ester decomposition and bioavailability is up to geneticts and ones physiology. everybody reacts differently. so i have cycle 8weeks. would like to prolong to 10/12 (short esters/cutting) what u recomend?

ok, i have no sides…so, but u might have, some are more prone to gyno, im not for example etc etc

But if u dont know that omna nowadays (since 2014 im not sure) has decanoate, than you should be the least that im listening to. actually u have nothing constructing to say. u tell me all the things i know. dont do that, and that, with no explanation why. and i want real explanations, i study physiology, and favorate interest biochemistry.

but dont want to argue. not my point. so good night.

from what i read Omnadren is polish and they stopped manufacturing it in 1994 and its more common in eastern europe. Your from Finland right? thats why you know it and i dont, not everyone has access to the same stuff but TEST is TEST bucko.

I ll post later what Ill do, how Ill do and what the sides and results =)

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