My Second Cycle Need Advice

Okay this is My second Cycle (First time using Oils) I ran Epistane first for 4 weeks @ 40mg ED Then i followed Up with Nolvadex for 4 Weeks 40/40/20/20

Ive now taken a break for 8weeks total to allow recovery time and i healed just fine.

My New cycle I am planning looks like this

Sustanon250 @ 500mg/week for 12 weeks and i want to stack with Epistane for the last 6 weeks @ 40mg ED, Do I need and AI While on cycle? (I know epistane is anti estrogen but its not an AI).

For Pct I have Nolvadex and clomid, Do i Need Hcg also?

This is my pct plan i am going to run for 6 weeks

20mgNolva + 50mgClomid ED (is the dosing correct or should i double)

and when is the best time to start pct, is it 3weeks after last shot?

I have cycle support and i am going to use it 2 weeks before i start my cycle up until 2weeks after pct.

Please don’t hate, I just need advice so i don’t want to damage myself.

Thanks In Advance

oh my bad, Thanks