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My Second Cycle: A Draft


Compounds used:
Testosterone Enanthate
Trenbolone Acetate

The idea was to have a relatively long cycle of 14 weeks split into two phases, a 4 week â??end of dietâ?? phase were I would restrict calories heavily and do quite a bit of cardio/HIIT or similar in order to shed as much of what bodyfat remains after my inital 11 week diet and then a 10 week mass/strength phase with copious amounts of food. At the tail end of the cycle I will be doing a big PLing meet. So my goals can be summed up like so:
Start off losing some fluff
Progress into gaining mass
Get strong as hell

This is what I am proposing:
Weeks 1-8 Test E 750mg/week
Weeks 9-14 Test E 125mg E3D
Weeks 9-14 Tren A 75mg ED
Weeks 9-14 Methandrostenolone 40mg ED(split into two doses)
Weeks 1-12 HCG 250IU 2x a week
Start PCT at the end of week 14. Most likely go with Nolva 60mg for 3 days, then 40mg for a week and 20mg for two weeks or so after that.

Thatâ??s what I came up with. I however am not very well read, which is why Iâ??m submitting this here.
The initally higher test dose is to get things started, get some muscle gain going and such. The lower dose in weeks 9-14 is just a replacement dose to run alongside the tren for libido. Donâ??t want to run high test+high tren because apparently that combo is notorious for side effects. The reason for the tren should be obvious, strength. I want to do well in that meet and afaik there is no compound that beats out tren for strength. The Dbol is there for non receptor mediated effects(I think Trenbolone binds very tightly to the AR so I felt it made sense) and just because I like it. Will have Nolva on hand during the entire cycle but no Adex, it is prohibitely expensive where I live.

About me, Iâ??m a 20 year old PLer. Currently sitting at about 250lbs but in the process of getting rid of about 30-40 or so of those over the course of the next 15 weeks or so. Iâ??ve already run one cycle which was Test E 750mg/week+20mg Dbol ED and had some fairly pleasing results. Didnâ??t really experience any side effects and my PCT went pretty smooth. Had a few days where I was a little sluggish in the gym but that went away fairly quickly and I was back to setting PRs within two weeks of the ester clearing my blood.
My best lifts so far are a 484 raw squat,(this was pre first cycle, didnâ??t back squat during my cycle so idk what Iâ??m good for right now), a 320lb bench press, a 265lb strict standing OHP and a 661lb DL.

Now, what(if anything) would you change? Does the HCG dosage make sense? Will I need a more powerful PCT after a 14 week cycle? Should this cycle result in what I want it to result in?
I won't be starting this for some time yet but I thought that planning ahead would beat out last minute scrambling.
Fire away!


~TEST: I wouldn't worry too much about your test being higher during your Tren use, the added strength will only benefit you. It may make your "wind" slightly worse than if it's kept low, but I can't say there's enough of a difference in my opinion, but again the added strength from the Test being higher will help. Besides it's going to be high when you start the Tren and drop down in time for your meet which is when you'd want it high anyway. I'm not sure how I'd recommend dosing it as I personally would run it ED with the Tren at the same dose for strength and lower for maintenance - I'd do 50-125mg every day or maybe 175mg 3x a week start to finish? Or just drop the Test E and the beginning and run Prop with your Tren? I guess my only recommendation is to run the test higher for your meet.

~TREN: Looks good to me, might be a pretty high dose if you've never used it before, but I don't know. I'd probably start at 50mg/day and increase as the meet gets closer. I'm fine with that dose, but 50mg/day was plenty as far as sides go when I first did it, sides get easier with use and my only complaint is how it makes me winded more easy. Sides are less with lower Test, but still there. Don't plan on setting any cardio records on Tren no matter what the test dose is, do plan on setting so personal lifting records though, especially if the test is somewhat high.

DBOL: I love Dbol and Tren... but I love Drol and Tren too and the strength gains from that combo are unbeatable! I think the Drol will better suit your needs, but DBOL is great with Tren too.

HCG: If you have (2)5000iu HCG's I'd start it at week 3-10 so it lasts the whole cycle. Regardless I'd run it to the end.

PCT: I'd plan on 6 weeks of PCT myself but others may say less, but I think I'd like having a extra 2 weeks of Nolva. Others can chime in better than me on PCT, but usually the Nolva doses are recommended kinda high which isn't a bad thing, just more expensive. 20mg Nolva is as good as 40mg nolva at test stimulation and the lower dose is better at maintaining libido than the higher, but more is definitely better for estrogen control (blockage) if that is a concern. But again, others should have better insight on PCT than I can offer. BTW you might look into other AI's such as Aromasin or Letro, or even other options on getting one.


Prop is more expensive than Enth where I come from so Enth is the ester of choice I think.
As for the test/tren issue, I thought the consensus here was don't do high test+high tren?
For a longer PCT, just add more weeks of nolva at 20mg ED?