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My Science Project


Hi everyone. Long time listener, first time caller here. Been lurking for awhile and figured it was time to step up and introduce myself. I'm 41, 6'1 1/2", and currently 217.6 lbs / 18.6% bf as measured by an Omron fat loss monitor. As with many of you, I've got some aches and pains brought on by 4 decades of hard work, on and off training and (occasionally) bad form/technique.

Unlike many of you who already seem to be "strong like bull" (and that's just the ladies!) I am most definitely not in great shape be it physique, strength or general conditioning. So I have set some goals. I want to work towards the following:

220 lbs
sub-10%bf as measured by dexa scanner
300 bench
425 dead
210 push jerk
225 front squat
sub 20min x10 sprints up "the hill" a sledding hill not far from home
sub 30 min 5k
complete a 10k mud run without stopping or walking
participate in a Highland Games match

feel confident taking my shirt off at the public pool, beach, etc. I know this one may sound lame to some of you iron junkies, but I have never felt comfortable doing this and so dammit now it's a goal!

I would really like to be able to do all of these things within the same 30 day period of time. My plan is to lift medium-heavy (for me) 3-4 times per week and do 2-3 days of conditioning work such as hill sprints or smacking a tire with a sledgehammer.

Please feel free to critique and ask questions as I pursue my quest. Thanks to all of you who post to the Over 35 forum - you all are tremendous inspiration.


11/8 workout

10 sprints up the hill. 31 minutes to finish. My best time ever is just over 21 minutes. I have a long ways to go.



this mornings workout:

jumping jacks and pushups for general warmup
3x8 x 50lbs javelin press
3x8 x 4 plates horizontal cable shoulder press
3x8 x 1 plate+fractional cable lateral raises
3x15 x 42.5lbs cable rope overhead tricep extensions
50 situps


Welcome and I take it from the first post that you call in to talk radio a lot. I listen to serius NFL channel all the time. Good luck on your goals.


I don't think I have ever called in to a radio station, though I listen to talk radio quite a bit. Mostly it was a crazy way of saying I lurk a lot but have never chimed in to the Over 35 forum before now.


When new guys call into serius they always say the phrase, long time listner 1st time caller. Sorry just popped into my head when you wrote that. Any way good luck with the goals, I take it you are really looking to lose BF and get in athletic shape?


I always think of the Mr. Obvious bit from Bob & Tom radio when I hear the longtime listener, first time caller phrase.

Yes - just trying to be all around more fit I guess. I followed 5/3/1 for a few months and made some good strength gains (max 425 dl @ 199lbs bodyweight) but skipped all the conditioning. I need to balance my lifting, diet and conditioning.

btw - thanks for the welcome DJHT.



Looks like you've got some challenging goals. Are you following a specific program now?


Thanks for the welcome kpsnap :slight_smile: I've been wandering in the gym a little aimlessly for a couple months. I'm planning to hit a primary body part every other day with medium-heavy (going for strength/hypertrophy compromise) lifts. My thoughts now are 2 or 3 primary lifts with 3x8 plus one or two assistance lifts with higher reps - say 3x15. Opposite days I will do HIIT to burn fat and increase endurance.


Welcome! Beware of the 5/3/1 cult.They will eat your SOUL !!!


Thanks bulldog! My three months on 5/3/1 were great for strength gains. I will probably give it another go down the road a bit.


Hmmm. another heretic.

You can't just stop doing 5/3/1 any more than you can stop being Catholic.

5/3/1 Inquisitors! Time to put on our pointy hats and burn someone at the steak. then eat him.


NOBODY expects the 5/3/1 Inquisitors!!! Bwaahahahaha!!! Give him the Comfy Squat Rack!


If you don't do 5/3/1 you have no soul. Souls are for true believers. Praise Wendler.


Ok, ok 5/3/1 fans - what do you think of Wenndler's Boring But Big? Anyone have any specific success with it?


The BBB stuff drove me into the ground. Got weaker and weaker after about 3 cycles, ended up tearing up a shoulder and starting over a month later. But then I'm 53 and consider walking out to retrieve my implements between throws as conditioning. Younger or fitter guys might benefit greatly.

Welcome to the board. What's this I hear about Highland Games?


Thanks for the welcome Darby. The Highland Games just look like fun to me. I have zero experience with it, and I'm way too weak sauce to make a good showing, but I'm too dumb to let that stop me. I've also got quite a bit of Scottish in my heritage, so perhaps my ancestors will smile on me.


This should have posted in my log. Sorry gang.


My new toy. Brought this home Friday evening and spent 30 mins just messing around in the backyard with it.



Smacked my new tractor tire 250x with a sledgehammer. That hammer was a bunch lighter when I started than when I finished. Earned myself a new blister, too.



jumping jacks and light jogging to warmup.

deadlift from 4" box 3x8x245lbs
narrow neutral grip standing cable pulldows 3x8x85lbs
barbell reverse grip bentover rows 3x12x90lbs
one arm tbar rows 3x8x55lbs
barbell farmer's walks 60lbs left hand 70lbs right