My saliva hormone test results

Testosterone - 17.3 pg/ml - OPTIMAL - 60-100,
Estradiol - 0.8 pg/ml - OPTIMAL - 0.8-1.8,
DHEA - 194.0 pg/ml - OPTIMAL - 200-500,
Dihydrotestosterone - 6.9 pg/ml - OPTIMAL 10-50,
Cortisol - 5.0 ng/ml - OPTIMAL 5.0-15.0

The interpretation says everything is low except the Estradiol. The testosterone is very low. Bummer - guess I should do another test to see how the biotest andro/norandro stack is doing for me.

Getting more sleep was mentioned in the interpretation and yep I have been getting less than i should. The test was taken in the morning btw.

Although your T and DHEA levels were both low so was your cortisol which is a good thing. I don’t know what the current view on this is but I know a few years ago experts were preaching that T levels don’t matter a whole lot by themselves…it’s the Testosterone/cortisol ratio that is more important.

typo on my part actual cortisol level was 0.8 ng/ml