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My Rugby Training Log

I’ve never played rugby before, but I will when I enter college this fall. I’m trying to devise a good training program so here’s what I came up with. Tell me what you think and if anything needs to be changed.

(Reps for each set are in parentheses)

Snatch(10,8,6,4) Jump Shrug (10,8,6) Push Press(8,6,4)
Calf Raises(20, 20) Plank(2 sets till failure)

Lateral Cone Hops(30 sec), 20 Tuck Jumps, 10 Broad Jumps, Backpedal to Sprint(100 yards), Mountain Climbers(30 sec). Repeat the whole running cycle.

Bench Press(8,6,4,2) Pullups(5 sets to failure)
Dips(5 sets to failure) Handstand Pushups(3 sets to failure) Barbell Rows(10,8,8)

Run 1/2 mile twice
Run 1/4 mile four times
Run 50 yards ten times

Boxing(15 min of heavy bag, 15 min of speed bag)
Run 3 miles

Power Clean(10,8,8,6) Romanian Deadlift(10,8,8)
Front Squat(10,8,6,4) Good Mornings(10,10,8)

Same running as Monday

Incline Bench(10,8,6) Upright Rows(10,8,8)
Reverse-Grip Bench(10,8,6) Miliary Press(8,6,4)
One Arm DB Row(10,8,8) Curls(10,10)

Same Running as Tuesday

Looks like a real decent routine. I’d personally add more direct tricep work 'cause I’m a sucker for it, but I like what I see here. Good luck

Hey looks good, If you want any ideas for rugby training take a look at:

Its New Zealands version of elitefts, has a lot of really good articles on training for rugby

Ok,well first time I’ve answered another person’s post but here goes.How long till you start pre-season or trainings??Any idea of a position you wanna play??Any stats like your BW height etc to help with the program will be a start too.

My opinion…far too many sets per workout,taking into account the running and agility you do after working out.Reps on the snatches,cleans a bit high,look for 3-4 reps and focus on technique and speed.

I’d suggest do away with handstand push ups,curls,calf raises,reverse-grip bench and maybe change the front squat to Mon session in place of jump shrugs and DB’s for Fri incline press.Add shrugs for Tues session-I find traps can handle 2 days in a row.

Also you box,Wed then power clean Thurs and have upper body Fri-you’ll only aggrivate shoulders and thats even before you start tackling,hitting pads etc pre-season.

I’m no Graham Henry or Ash Jones but if you’ve never played rugby before trust me when I tell you to schedule more rest between sessions maybe spin this routine over a fortnight.Take the running as it’s own session rather than after weights.

Sometmes the gym is good but you’ll need to put in more time on handling the ball-catching/passing especially on the move as you may be big and strong but if you drop the ball or pass it to no-one everytime you’ll not enjoy rugby.

On that note,if you’ve never played rugby all your running should be with a ball,taking time to pick it up off the ground on the run etc and passing it with mates a plenty to get used to the ball etc.

Getstrength.com is a great site for rugby training,go on and have a look.
So good luck in starting out,rugby will look after you as it has me too.

And to think all I did was sprints, push ups and sit ups. ftballfreak880, it’s a pretty good routine. What position? What school?

I don’t think you’d need anything more than cleans, dead lifts, push presses, squats, sprints and long distance running. But then again, I’m no pro.

College rugby. God, that was the most fun time in my life. May it be the same for you.

Good luck!

robbo90, I’m 5’7" and weigh 165. I know the routine seems like quite a lot, but I’m already in great shape and I’ve been lifting for football the past four years. Don’t know if that changes your opinion but I figured I’d respond to your post. And thanks for taking the time to help me out.

No worries mate,I’m actually from New Zealand playing/coaching in Ireland.
The main thing I’ve found out over here is that since rugby’s a minority sport in Ireland(after Gaelic,Hurling and Soccer)they have a passion for it but unfortunatly the basics just aren’t there for many,which is my assumption on USA-no offence there guys.Meaning simple stuff like catching and passing a rugby ball can be so awkward for most as they’re usually brought up with different shaped balls-no pun intended there.

We’re in pre-season stuff here now and have started a 12 wk squad program with 2-3 nights in the gym,1 rugby skills/fitness session and 1 night in our touch competition run through the club,then an optional strongman style-type conditioning on Sat mornings each week.So plenty of volume but lots of recovery using different skills the next day.

So have you got an idea of position you wanna play??You sound like a couple of our blokes who play flanker(back row of the scrum)with good conditioning but it could be a hard position if never played rugby before.Maybe inside centre(number 12)with the conditioning you have an obvious head start on most so it’ll be good to try and watch a few games to see the body shapes and what position suits you.

Have a look at the All Blacks vs the Springboks this weekend,probably the biggest game this year with an insane intensity-It’ll be massive.Well good luck mate and look forward to hearing further results.Oh and don’t forget www.getstrength.com.


without trying to complicate things i used to try and do:

Mon: metcon & sprints
Tues: gym, fullbody
Wed: practise at gym
Thurs: gym, full body
Fri: swim/cycle/rest maybe a very light metcon
Sat: game
sun rest/walk