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My Routine


Hello. I thought I would post my routine and some stats, and see if anyone has any advice to offer.
5'9", 190.
32x32 Pant size, I don't know what my waist is.
16.5 inch arms

I try to lift every day, pushing one day and pulling the next. I work 40 a week and go to school 18 hours, so I get tired sometimes and don't get done as much as I want too

Bench ( I can do 250# for ten reps, I don't know about max though)
6 sets, as many reps per set as I can get
Behind the Neck should press(135# for 6 reps is the most I can do)
6 sets x as many reps
Incline barbell press
4 sets x as many reps
Dumbell shoulder press
5 setsx AMR
cuban press, or poor mans shoulder horn, or some other rotator work, just 3 sets, but sometimes two excercises

Deadlift( 355 ten times is the most I have done, no clue on the max)
6 sets x AMR

Weighted chiup (50 pound dumbelll+bodyweight ten times is my limit, no clue what that would be for a max)
6 sets XAMR

Barbell row
6 Sets X AMR
Bicep curl 6 set X AMR
Reverse Bicep curl6 Setsx Amr

Reverse dumbell lateral raise
3 setsXamr

Somtimes I go wild and do an hour arm session after one of my other work outs.

I am 18, with 5 years training experience on and off. I would like to be in the 205-215 pound range by september. I am one of the strongest fellers at my community college, but I bet there are some really strong people at universities. Too many goals make things hard to get, but I would like wider shoulders, bigger arms, and A REALLY strong deadlift. No one at my community college deadlifts, and I kind of enjoy it when people look at my like I am crazy when I am deadlifting.


No one has valuable and interesting advice to add to my routine?


Do you want to get advice on something specific ? That might be easier.


Your doing way to much push's and not enough pull's.

Check out.

It's by Mike Robertson and it will really help you out.

Also, dont just do chins, throw in some pull up(palms facing you).




I beleive that pull ups are palms facing away, and that chins are arms facing towards you.

What would be some good pulling excersises to add?
No olympic lifts, I have the coordination of the scarecrow from the wizard of oz on valium and marijuana


Heres 6 styles of rows.
Hand pos: palms up, palms down, palms in.
Arm Pos: Elbow toward you, elbows away from you.

Heres 3 styles of chins & rows each. Hand spacing: close, medium and wide.

Heres 9 styles of pulldowns.
Hand Pos: palm up, palm down, palms in.
Hand spacing: close, medium and wide.

This is what I would do:
pick 3 rows & 3 chins/pulls to do for your pulling day/days. and rotate them so your doing different rows/chins/pulls the next week. An for every push, do 2 pulls. Mike Robertson's "Wanna Grow? Gotta Row!" will let you know why if your wondering about the 1 push, 2 pull.