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My Routine

Posting up my stuff on a few sites to get an feedback, positive or negative, thanks for reading.

My workout is basicaly a 3 days a week workout. One month of it is strength training at 5x4 , and one month is hypertrophy training at 3x9.

I do (not in any order)

Shoulder Press
EZ curl bar curls
Bench press
Close grip bench
Bent over rows

I take creatine(10g a day in two doses), and a protein shake before and after every workout(Classic Grow! MRP of course).
I eat 1000 calories over maitenence every day, my BF has never gone over 9%.

Also, if anyone can enlighten me, i have heard that for bench pressing, its only nescesary to bring the arms to a 90 degree angle to fully hit the chest, anyone know anything about this. Thanks again!

You need to mix up your exercises more than just doing the same ones each workout. For example one day do flat BB bench, the next do incline DB bench, one day do standing BB military press, the next do seated DB press, one day do back squats, the next do front sqats etc.

I think the best thing for you do do is to find Chad Waterbury’s Total Body Training article and follow it. Actually, most of Chad’s programs follow a total body 3xweek protocol.

If you want to revamp your whole training strategy I would suggest following the recommended order for some of Chad’s programs which will need to a natural and manageable increase in strength and size. Many of the guys here have had great success doing this. Try and find some of his latest articles as the question is usually asked by someone where it fits into the CW "program schedule. I know that it starts with ABBH1, ABBH2 etc. Send Chad a PM and he can give you the details.

Hope this helps!

The 90-degree bench technique is due to having a pretty hefty arch (power-lifter style).

I would suggest Chins, Dips, and Deadlifts, but that is because they are my favorite exercises. Besides, it is fun to make the frat-types envious when you pump off 5x10 pullups with an extra 80# on your waist.


I am no expert so take this fwiw. What jumps out at me about your program is that you only have two exercises for back and legs (1 each). I’d focus more attention on these areas for growth. They are the two biggest systems of muscles in your body.

For example, you could change for ez curls to weighted chins and pullups. This will work your bi’s and your back.
I’d also suggest deadlifts, along with some of the variations to help work the posterior chain.

My program used to be very similar to yours. Once I started focusing on compound movements and the larger muscle systems, my progress changed dramatically.

I found this Ian King article to very helpful.


Hope this helps.

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