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My Routine, Please Critique

I’m a 6’1" 178 lbs., 16-year-old athlete looking to add power for basketball. My estimated body fat percentage is in the neighborhood of 8%. Here’s my 4-day split to help mewith this goal. I’m no working at any percentages, just rep maximums. I’m just getting serious this week since my season ended and I’ve never seriously full squatted or done hang cleans, so I’ll progressively increase the intensity, and possibly volume depending on my response to the training.

Regarding supplements, does anybody have any thoughts on a 16-year-old taking creatine?

Estimated Max Lifts:
Full Squat - 210
Bench Press - 190
Deadlift - 250
Hang Clean - 115

Monday, Thursday - Lower Body
Hang Clean - 4 x 5
Full Back Squat - 4 x 6
DB Jump Squat - 4 x 5
Romanian Deadlift - 4 x 6
Assisted Natrual Glute-Ham Raise - 5 x 5
Weighted Decline Sit-Up - 3 x 12
Side Bend - 3 x 12

Tuesday, Friday - Upper Body
Bench Press - 3 x 5
Incline Press - 3 x 5
DB Shoulder Press - 4 x 6
One-Arm DB Row - 4 x 6
One-Arm Pulldown - 4 x 6
Hanging Knee Raise - 4 x 10

Hey MainEvent301 just a suggestion. You may want to post this on Liar of the Ice Dog which is Christian’s site. He deals a lot w/ athletes.

The only problem that I really see is that you have some poly stuff (jump squats) w/ your leg work. Otherwise the work-outs seem pretty decent… Again I am no expert in training athletes.

Better ask Christian on this a more… He’s the expert.

Fit has a good point, getting Christian’s advice is always beneficial.

I can say this, however:

  1. I would normally question doing Cleans, Squats, Jump Squats, R. Deads and Glute-ham raises in the same day. I could never do that. But, newbies often can get away with this sort of training, as they tend to be able to work with greater percentages of their 1RM. If you’re not completely killed by this workout, then you’re not working with proper intensity.

  2. Why no chinups?