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My Routine, Check It


monday - chest/triceps/cardio

tuesday - legs/cardio

wednesday - back/cardio

thursday - shoulders/cardio

friday - biceps/cardio

saturday - off/cardio

sunday - off/cardio

i dont always do cardio, i just put it in there because i do sometimes, then others, i dont.. just random times i do it..

good routine or what?

gimmie your input..


Put back with bis and shoulders with calves. Leave Wednesday off.

Monday - chest/triceps/cardio

Tuesday - legs/cardio

Wednesday - Off

Thursday - back/bis/cardio

Friday - shoulders/calves/cardio

Saturday - off/cardio

Sunday - off/cardio


That’s quite a routine. Do you have any exercises to go with those body parts?


What about ditching all that weight-lifting crap and going with this:

Monday - cardio

Tuesday - cardio

Wednesday - cardio

Thursday - cardio

Friday - cardio

Saturday - cardio

Sunday - cardio