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My Road To The Cage


I have previously had a log on this site, but I got out of the habbit of keeping it updated.

Alittle back ground

20 years old
Box Squat- 190kg
Deadlift- 220kg
Military Press-77.5kg
Chin ups-BW+35kg

I have signed for my first MMA fight this week, which will take place march 26th, the day after I turn 21.

I plan to use this log to track my training, both MMA and strength and conditioning.

I will be fighting semi-pro at light weight. All I know of my opponent so far is that he has a record of 0-1-0 and he isnt cutting any weight. I plan to put on a few more kg's and make a small cut to 70kg.

I have previously competed in kickboxing as well as a push/pull comp last year were I benched 110kg and deadlifted 205kg at 75kg.

Here it goes....


My week is abit messed up this week, normally I would be at training tonight but I couldnt make it so went to the gym instead.

Lat pull downs

Narrow Gripped Dips

One Arm Machine Lat Raises

Hanging Pull ups

Barbell Curls

I missed out bench which was supposed to be first because it was in use for 20mins and I wanted to crack on and Cable tricep extensions because... I couldnt be arsed.

20mins stretching

The plan was to get in a few rounds on the heavy bag but the room was in use for a class.

Instead I put the treadmil on max incline and ramped up the speed for 10mins then hit some light ab work.

Nothing exciting. I will deadlift tomorrow and hopefully hit submission wrestling on wednesday.

I got an email off of a promotor, I should be fighting in may, but this time Pro and at 77kg, which is a better weight for me as I prefer to walk around at 80kg+


I was planning on deadlifting today but with only 3 hours sleep and a heavy lecture at uni, that had to be put on the back burner.

I managed to get two small sessions in today

Skipping 10mins
Stretching 20mins
Shadow boxing 3x5mins

Tomorrow I have an idea of how training will pan out, but we shall see.

Training sessions have changed for my mma training, for the better so Im not limited on which days I have to train, which with a heavy period at uni, is ideal. I will weigh myself on friday and see where my body weight is at.


Well today is turning into a right ball ache! I still havent had the info from the promoter sent to me... It was suppost to be here by Monday at the latest. I also found out that my opponent wont be confirmed now until I get there!

I have managed to find out some info about the event and the previous one they have held(I was told by the promoter he has had 8 events before which isnt true) the last event everyone shared the same two pairs of gloves, no one ended up being able to wrap their hands and fighters were miss matched(a lightweight fought a middleweight!) this is becoming beyond a joke and Im getting more and more put off this event.

Hopefully I will have a fight confirmed soon for May and have been in contact with a proper promoter from a better, more organised promotion company so hopefully will hear from them soon. Weather or not I still fight in March it isnt decided, my head says this is a cowboy outfit (still dont know what they are doing about my travel) and this could go dramaticly wrong with the way they match fighters and the way they are so laxidazical with equipment and fighters saftey.

Yes this is a dangerous sport but why make it more dangerous by not organising equipment and fighters properly? Another part of my is saying a fight is a fight and its experience. So we shall see. So far I have a bitter taste in my mouth and Im dissapointed in the extreme!


I have been rushed off my feet but I will undate later, along with the results of an x ray im going for to see if my thumb is broken....fun times!


Doctor has said my thumb isnt broke but there is some extensive ligament damage. I will see a specialist on wed who will tell me if it needs opperating on. In the mean time I will squat all the time


With my hand in a cast for the foreseeable future...This leaves me unable to train or perform many lifts so here is my plan.

I plan to run Smolov squat cycle, in order to add some freaky strength to my lower body and gain some more mass. I havent focused on Squats in a long time and the volume is always low...this is going to hurt! for assistance, I want to keep it simple:

Band neck work 2x20reps per side
Band leg curls 2x20
Seated calf raises 2x60secs
Standing abs 2x12

Nothing exciting or fancy.

To help me get through and add some more mass, I will be eating around 6,000kcals per day as well as drinking between 2-4ltrs of full fat milk and taking the following:
*Multi vits
*Ravenous- which is supposed to increase appetite
*High quality weight gainer.

Im excited and nervous to do this and I know this is going to be hell but its something I have wanted to do for a long time and now is a better time than any to do it.


Tuesday-Smolov Week1 Day 1

Box squats (15inch box narrow stance)

Seated calf raises

Missed neck work and abs work. Volume on squats was way more than Im used to but I really enjoyed it. Im excited for Thursday's 5x7. I dont feel sore or ache in the slightest which has suprised me.


Today there is still no soreness which has suprised me. Im looking forward to squatting tomorrow. I see about my hand today so will have a better idea how long I will be out of training for.


Didnt get chance to train yesterday so I'll squat today, the extra days rest wont kill me. When I go back to see about my hand in 3 weeks, Im going to ask if I wrap my hands and wear big gloves if I can do some kind of striking and maybe some light no gi rolling


My schedule has been crazy so havent been able to train but its calmed down now


Box squats
120kgx5setsx7reps-PR- squats felt miles easier

Seated calf raises

Hammer strength bench (stopped all reps at the bottom on the posts on the bottom fpr 5 seconds)
worked up to 40kg per side x10 then 50kg per sidex5

Machine shoulder press
worked up to 80kgx6

DB rows (used straps because of thumb)
worked up to 55kgx6 reps

Rear delt machine fly
worked up to 110kgx6

DB curls
worked up to 25kgx5

Neck plate raises
10kgx15 reps per side (front/back/left/right)

stuck with mainly machines to save my thumb from involvement


Box Squat
Box self destructed!

R.I.P Box

Front Squat

Crap Leg Press
Stackx100-This was hell!

Seated calf raise

Leg Curls

I was training 2 other people as well as me and there was only 30mins in the gym

Hammer benchx5, lat pull downsx10 and hammer shoulder pressx10 x 6 sets no rests

Circuit 2

Dips, pull ups and max rep dumbell bench

Circuit 3
Machine Neutral press, face pulls and db curls

I should be back in today to front squat. With the box buggered smolov is off so im going to do a squat variation every other time in the gym and upper body days the rest. every week I plan on doing a deadlift of some form


Front squats

Back squats

Found another box but its not great

Step ups

Calf press
1 drop set which came up 120 reps


Back again I see!


Aye Im determined to keep my log going this time, life got in the way and I couldnt find the time to update. Im contacting a promoter today about an amazing oppertunity thats arising, which could transform alot about my life. I have a physio appointment soon about neck pain I repeatedly get.

Hopefully I should be back in traing by the end of next week, I will be focusing on Muay thai, no-gi and freestyle wrestling. Trying to perfect techniques before pushing hard and sparring constantly.


can you elaborate on the self destructed box!


Its not a proper box squat box (i.e. one of elitefts) its one someone has made and fitted a sponge pad on the top. As I sat back onto it, the top fell through, I think its due to it being old, slightly rusted and weak welding. I ended up on the floor with nothing hurt but my pride lol.



Front Squats

I have started to use front squats for warm ups for my lower body days, I feel like this is really helping.

Box Squats
Belt on
Knee Wraps on
140kgx10-HUGE PR - Room for improvement too!

I havent worn knee wraps in a while, they are old and worn out but I feel like I get good support out of them, weather I get much out of them is debateable. I feel safer with them, due to my left knee which was supposed to have surgery on awhile ago but never happened.

Step ups
60kgx some
70kgx some

I made sure I did an even amount of reps on each leg but didnt keep count of the amount done, I held back because the box squats gassed me.

Leg curl

The plan was stiff leg deads but due to being gassed I went for a less demanding exercise

Seated calf raises
60kgx20-PR- plenty in the tank

I am finally starting to realise assistance work doesnt need to be pushed all of the time and adaptions can be made depeding on energy levels or feeling. I will go for PR's on assistance when I feel comfortable doing so but I wont be smashing all out effort on them all of the time.....I may have finally learnt to choose my battles!

I skipped neck and abs today because I felt like I had done enough and didnt want to drag my session on any longer.

Diet has made a marked improvement today which is never a bad thing.

Over all Im pleased with today but never satisfied!


An awefule upper body day...with the previous double tricep tare and now my hand, It was never going to be a strong day.

90kgx this hurt my shoulder...Im going to switch to close grip from now on

DB neutral grip bench

DB rows
Straps on as thumb was painful
60kgx8-easy going to add 2 reps each time.

Machine Neutral press

super set with

DB curls

Not a grate session but will soon improve!


Diet is still going well, food intake is way more than normal, not sure what I weigh in at but its feelinf good. I have verbally agreed to fight in june either MMA or Kickboxing depending on what is available and what is offered. This promotor seems on the level and I should be fighting at 70kg.